Tofus Doufou
Showing my stuffs for future Trade interests. Feel free to make any offers. a * means i use this item on multiple characters

Kriegstofu: Juggernaught 

Ancient Great Sword Blessed Wormbane  / Huscarl Round Shield

Defender Helmet / Defender Armor / Defender Gauntlets / Defender Boots

Field Medic Box* / Resurrection Tome*

Ithilrandir: Sniper Lvl 52 (no assist xp used ) 

Blessed Wormbane* / Fiendish Bow* / Dragon Arrows*

Strange Helmet / Peasant Scaled Vest / Hourglass Gauntlets / Light Highlander Boots

Heavy Barricade*

Bogentofu: Sentinel

Steel Stinger / Fiendish Bow / Dragon Arrows

Royal Sniper Helmet / Small Roughring Leather / Leather Gloves / Rus Shoes

Heavy Barricade* / Heavy Deployable Shield*

Delfador: Halberdier

Blessed Wormbane* / Craftable Throwing Spears / Swadian Pike

Thanos Legacy / Leather Overmail / Noble Steel Gauntlets* / Swadian Boots*

Strong Barricade*

Kreuzbogentofu: Aventurier

Raging Rebellion / Eagle Crossbow / B.H. Dragon Bolts
Siege Helmet / Brigandine Plated Heraldic / Noble Steel Gauntlets* / Swadian Boots*

Strong Barricade / Platform / Noble Bastion / Explosive Barrel


 1 Blessed Sacrifices  / Destrier / Courser  / Cupid Arrows / Skull Head / Bloody Blindfold / Strange Helmet / Light Highlander Armor
Stuff for Housecraftable Crossbow Armor / Grinder Helmet Griffon Bascinet / Sharpthorn / Blessed Wormbane

To do list (the higher it is the more important, + means i have it - i don't)

+Better Aventurier Armor

+Upgrade Eagle Crossbow
+Upgrade Noble Steels

-Get 2 Masterwork Toolkits (0/10)
-Upgrade Legendary ?Crossbow? Armor

Looking to Buy/Trade

Sun Glaive, Dragon Spear or Thunder Pike

Looking to Sell/Trade

Elmwood Arrows / Crossed Sharpshooters Mail

Probably also Selling/Trading

Dragon Axe / Leather Overmail / Thanos Legacy / Brigandine Heraldic for B. Black or B. Red (if balance is ok)
Tofus Stuff

hello tofu
Tofus Stuff

O.K. I offer Crossed Sharpshooters Mail for your Crossed Sharpshooters Mail.
Less talking, more raiding!

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