[Closed] Can't join servers
Hi, i went in a server, then can have a spot on a rag coz a friend leaving, and i got that :

So can't join servers atm :/

[Image: 20190715.jpg]

(Of course, i did the last update)
This may not be a Ni problem as I think I've had that myself and I've seen a lot of people with it as well.

I'm not 100% sure on the fix but the best way is to google it. Probz just need to find your serial key for M@B and put it in.
[Image: ea69c6c593c9de7ca2b47469a969fb72.png]
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Checked on other mod, everything is ok, and never got this before this new version Confused

Seems it works again, did nothing except spamming servers and open/close game

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