WTT any orange legendary of your choice for craftables
My shop is trading any orange legendary of your choice for craftables. We have up to 4 for trade. This is a good chance to get a Torch, Dragon Bolts/Arrows, or whatever else for just crafted items.

Our want list, sorted in tiers, is below. PM/Steam me offers.

Use your brain:

* offers of a lower tier that have a higher crafting cost than an item of a higher tier aren't necessarily more valuable
* don't try to offer some non-upgrade material for a legendary 1:1, particularly a housecrafted item for its orange analog. That's not going to happen.

Tier 1
Blessed Sacrifice
Dark Offering
Masterwork Toolkit

Tier 2
Heavy Sturmhaube
Milanese Plate
Verloren Plate

Tier 3
Very Heavy Throwing Axes
Aegis Shield
Nordic War Pick

Tier 4
Closed Face Helm (both Light and Dark)
Swadian Full Plate

Least wanted tier
Swadian Resilience
Swadian Studded Steel Shield
Small Dragon Kite Shield
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