Because I would be very sad if I don't get it Sad
Severance 24/6/2018
Heavy Sallet 26/8/2018
Dwarf Axe 06/03/2019
Bartbutte With Coif 06/08/2019
Mortifer 17/08/2019
Vagabond Helmet 17/11/2019
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Hey can i speak to champ? Gimme that shit
2018 - Sun Pike   
2018 - Severance 
2018 - Pride 
2018 - Mjolnir 
2018 - Legacy 
2018 - Ornate C. 
2018 - TigerScale A.
2019 - Dragon S. 
2019 - Gilded Bear A 
2019 - Gothic Plate
because i'm french.
My Best Friend Forever: Never

Because I will do a backwards long jump off my staircase and enter a parallel universe and navigate myself to your house while remaining QPU aligned, record it and post it on YouTube if you give it to me.
[Image: fur8OQq.png]
Actual footage of me BLJing out of this universe:
[Image: giphy.gif]
Baldwin should get it, cause he looted dwarf axe, good reason. Bye
[Image: unknown.png]
Because I led the event.

But seriously, check Steam
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Need some value to buy a PoL... My loots don't tend to help that lately.
Because Achilles is the worst hoplite ever.
Hehe i am just a poor player after round years or more. Give me hurricane pls. PS: No legedary no RSS boost. Tongue
15.09.2017 Leviathan`s Treads
22.10.2017 Worm Bane
23.12.2017 Gothic Plate
22.04.2018 Defender Boots
20.05.2018 Dragon Halberd
02.09.2018 Defender Boots

Give me your stuff Blame!
Gift 1 orange legendary to me and ill give one red legendary to you.

hope you like Griffon Bascinet
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