WTB  Brig Plated Black, Onyx Bolts, Heavy Salet, Dead Shot/Eagle Crossbow

I would like to buy the items listed above. Message me if you're selling!

I'm only interested in the black, not the heraldic nor the red. Thanks in advance!
Legendary Loots:

11/12/2015:   Durendal
04/01/2016:   Studded Gauntlets                                
18/11/2016:   Twig of Yggdrasil
18/12/2017:   Defender Armour
25/03/2018:   Dark Gothic Sallet
07/05/2018:   Defender Boots
06/01/2019:   Fiendish Bow
16/01/2019:   Studded Gauntlets
08/03/2019:   Mortifer
17/04/2019:   Black Arrows
25/04/2019:   Phoenix Shield

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