[Closed] Change the names of my three houses
Since all Chinese players have joined my house, I hope to change the names of my three houses Zen_Temple to China_Support, TheGodOfWar_Attack to China_Attack and TheGodOfWar to China
Defense:China LvMax  Support:China Support LvMax   Attack:China Attack LvMax
My Loot
Aurora Blade:12/2/2019
Halogi's torch:17/03/2019 
Godwood Lance:18/03/2019
Noble Steel Gauntlets: 21/03/2019
Griffon Bascinet:5/7/2019
Dragon Spear:23/11/2019
Aurora Blade:29/11/2019
Onyx bolts:22/2/2020
Done, closed.
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
"time is money jaja and loot" - Blame

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