Chinese Servers (CN) 中国服务器 + Thread Takeovers
(13-09-2019, 06:00 PM)Kriegstofu Wrote:
(13-09-2019, 04:43 PM)Xen Wrote: All the usual NI rules still apply to these servers with the exception that both English and Chinese may be used. A translation of the rules has been written and is still being refined.

As a reminder:
- Our EU, NA, and AU servers still require chat to be in English.


-当玩家在EU, NA和AU服务器游戏时仍然需要使用英语聊天。

So this means chinese players have to speak English on EU/NA/AU servers?

Yes. Chinese players have to use English as much as possible on those servers as per any other person who doesn't have English as their native language.
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