Legendary Upgrades - January 2020
Along with the new year, we have a new set of Legendary upgrades.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.
CC_Warden_Kip | CC_Sentinel_Kip | CC_Guard_Kip | CC_Zweihander_Kip | CC_Marksman_Kip | CC_Pavise_Kip | CC_Peltast_Kip | CC_Marauder_Kip | others...
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Tofu: People call Tricksters racist, yet we have the most Muslim members of any house.
PCK: So if Islam is a religion of peace, and Tricksters have the most Muslims, then is House of Tricksters a house of peace?
Falankos: I always knew that Tricksters are the good guys.
Thank you
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Wulfsbane-- Sept 2019
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