WTS High Tier Warden
Pm me with an offer Smile 
Mostly interested in a set for set trade but feel free to offer Smile
[Image: terath_simplebow2.png] [Image: terath_heavy_bear_helmet.png]
1x Tempest 1x Heavy Bear Hood
[Image: dragon_arrow.png] [Image: old_emb_bear.png] [Image: gloves_king_L.png]
1x Battle Honed Dragon Arrows 1x Heavy Bear Armour 1x Gloves of Vidar
[Image: boot_average_crusader_d.png]
1x Eastern Blade SOLD 1x Cursed Leviathans Treads
[Image: 094182AA9B1507918EBE743B3E1A3A532FE33032] [Image: ECDE8AF071B2B9F23E2563F0D4D920E6F26C5352]
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(06-01-2020, 01:38 PM)Zocki Wrote:
(05-01-2020, 12:57 PM)Zocki Wrote: Bump. Sold EB

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