WTS Everything
 Fulcrum Armour 
 Heavy Steel Greaves
 Heraldic Transitional Armour
 Light Plated Boots
 Light Plated Gauntlets
 Master Surgeon's Kit
 Steel Full Helmet
 Strong Barricade
 Strong Wall Barricade
 Bulwark of Swadia
 Fell Edge
 Barbutte With Coif
 Dellingr's Hands
 Dragon Helmet
 Eastern Full Scale
 Gilded Bear Armour
 Godwood Lance
 Noble Bastion
 Ornate Crusader Helmet
 Studded Gauntlets
 Tower Shield
 Vagabond Helmet
 Volcanic Daggers
 Cursed Elegy
 Cursed Mangler
 Bloody Blindfold
 Ghastly Hood
 Skull Head
 Strange Armour
 Strange Boots
 Strange Helmet

 gold 15m

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