[Open] Account / Character merger
Confusing as hell that I apparently got accs with same and everyone is now getting some ID error / script warning, 2 characters got same names and should overwrite the empty ones on actual last account.
(also since it all looked buggy, I was also getting utterly random equipment items from 'reload' option on server, instead of some that empty character, gold probably went nowhere on kills)

Main account
Character ID: 2495891
Old account ID: 4742

new Character ID: 2495888 - should be overwritten by 4742 with same name
new ID 2495889 - should be overwritten by 2432694
(and I guess every other old character should be merged too)

And why it's not even possible to delete characters or obsolete account?

The most amazing with this mod - I asked to do this in 2014!
I don't remember forums being dead.

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