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This thread is dedicated to poems. Haikus, long poems, poems without rhymes are all accepted. I'll start with the poems I haphazardly composed while playing the game. As you can see, most of my poems refer to players, maps, etc. Here is my collection, I'll be adding more from time to time.

The Dagger
Don't be a nagger,
Throw me a dagger.
Place the barrel,
And stop this quarrel.

Great Long Axe
Oh Great Long Axe,
Who the hell is anti-vax?
Faravin pays tax,
Efficient players just relax...

Angar the Ghost
Oh there once was a hero named Angar the Ghost,
Who came riding all the way from a haven with frost!
When a punk asked asked him for his helm's cost,
Angar the Ghost, yes he made the punk roast!

Freddy the Shielder
Good old Freddy,
Came here after Scooby.
Hidden beneath his thick helmet,
The beautiful fair hair like velvet.

Inside the citadel lies wraiths spooky,
The one who deserves the loot is Snooki,
Elvo sounds way too Frenchie,
Come here, don't lure them silly!

Swadian Temple
Swadian Temple,
No sign of a maple.
The loot is ample,
Fara ate a staple.

Lovely planet Uranus,
And the disgusting anus.
Galaxy's colossus,
Or the mind's hiatus?

Who uses Wulfsbane?
Better use my grandpa's cane.
You can't understand my pain,
Living in a city with no bike lane...

This is the only one I composed outside the game so far:
Deployable Shield
The deployable shield,
Not so hard to wield.
Though always taken for granted,
How many Swadians has it protected!
Less talking, more raiding!
(02-03-2021, 08:32 AM)Swaliant Wrote: [...]
The Dagger
Don't be a nagger,

[Image: mqdefault.jpg]

Those were some creative poems. Thanks for the read Smile
(02-03-2021, 11:56 AM)Kaasovic Wrote:
(02-03-2021, 08:32 AM)Swaliant Wrote: [...]
The Dagger
Don't be a nagger,

[Image: mqdefault.jpg]

Those were some creative poems. Thanks for the read Smile

Hahaha thanks for appreciating my art and that pic made my day omg lol. We all know how people nag in NI, I'm not being Randy Tongue
Less talking, more raiding!
My old friend Faravin with his lute,
Every run should and with a loot.
Thus heard nothing else from his lips,
But the words skip, skip and skips!

Two things he hates the most:
Larping and the poems I post.
Yet no matter how disciplined he is,
A secret larper he surely is.

Grinse is generous with his Mangler,
Which is always plundered by a scavenger.
Wielding that cursed weapon as we witness,
Valiantly he smashes countless Jotnes!

El Salvador
My new pal El Salvador!
Used to look like a poor Khergit warrior.
Now from his new Oriental armor,
Drops the blood of the Nord Prince's corpse.
Less talking, more raiding!

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