I'm back! Any active houses still around since my return?
Hey everyone, looking to join a House for events and co-op play instead of playing alone.

Let me know if your still active and if you have a cozy'ol spot for myself (:

Good to be back, hope to see you all soon!

Aurora Blade 23.03.2019
Volundr Greatsword 12/11/2020

Official event times (Praven):

<19:50:13> "Faravin": Normal -9:17
<20:07:55> "Faravin": Hard -15:55

[Image: 2pcM1nK.png]

wellcome back mate! the current active houses are; DB, Tricksters, CN, GoC, DAW, ELITE, LHR(AU). DB and CN are the most active ones with the events i think and some of the houses that i've mentioned are recruiting. See you in the game and GL with lootz

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