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Legendary Upgrades - April 2022
Another round of upgrade recipes can now be accessed.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.
CC_Warden_Kip | CC_Sentinel_Kip | CC_Guard_Kip | CC_Zweihander_Kip | CC_Marksman_Kip | CC_Pavise_Kip | CC_Peltast_Kip | CC_Marauder_Kip | others...
[*]Level 30
Cursed Malice
[*]Cursed Mangler
[*]Cursed Ragnar's Wrath
[*]Level 28
Battle Honed Eastern Blade
Blessed Phoenix Shield
[*]Level 25
Battle Honed Dragon Spear
Blessed Worm Bane
Rise From the Ashes:3
Hope i can complete the fourth ashes as Juggernaut before i fell truly tired...


Thanks for the update
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Thanks for the update

Can someone post the Defender Armory please? Thanks! Smile
Loots:Hurricane, 2xThanos Legacy,Barbutte with Coif,Gothic Gauntlets,Dragon Sword,Durendal,Ornate Bascinet,Tiger Scale Armor,Mangler,Rending Bolts
Solo Runs:
- Hard -> All maps done
- Ragnarok -> Old Shire/Swadian Outskirts/First Defence died W15
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