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Official Event 17.06.2022
Greetings everyone,

Pardon late notice of next event, but couldnt make a post until I was certain I could host such a renown event.

An official NordInvasion event is gooing to be held on friday 17.06.2022
If you want to join the Event, be on TS for the duration of the event as long you stay (up to 3h).

This time the event is goint to start a bit earlier in hopes, more people can attend to it
The event starts at 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CEST

People who apply here have the first right to join.
Please join TS3 (Official NordInvasion Teamspeak 3 Server: TS3) on time, as spots fills up, players in the reserve list might join if players before them fails to show on time.

  1. Antar
  2. Never
  3. Leechfisch
  4. Teukros
  5. Acea
  6. Egil
  7. MasterJeff (notified)
  8. Perseus
  9. iMarc7 (notified)
  10. Petco
  11. Slonogus
  12. Jura Veyra
  13. ScrubbyBubbles2
  14. sh0ck_
  15. The_speared_guy
  16. Ceylan

Reserve List:
  1. Xiaoqi
  2. Lang
  3. Peng
Special Guest List:

Best Regards, Akinaxis
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But I'll probably be late, 15 minutes
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I am not Swadian btw.
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will hopefully be able to come
hopefully be able to come
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Tiger Scale Armor - 8.5.2022           Ailadrodd - 20.5.2022
Tiger Scale Armor - 9.5.2022           Rending Bolts - 2.6.2022            
Leviathan's Threads - 10.5.2022
Thanos Legacy - 11.5.2022

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