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[SOLD] Everything
I guess it's time to quit again as i can't enjoy the game anymore, cause of a few reasons but i will not list them here. This will be the last time, i promise Wink 

To those who remain, good luck with them loots, and have fun i guess.

To some other people, enjoy i guess, i won't be there to annoy any of you that i might've annoyed before. 


I'll be selling these, maybe giving some away. PM me or something, i will try to answer. 

EDIT: IF I do end up giving stuff away, it will be to friends of mine.

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]
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My Loots: 36
Time Wasted: 5.200 Hours
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Present me Volcanic Daggers  Smile
Nooo, another one bites the dust Sad Sad Sad

Rending Bolts - 24.4.2022               Leviathan's Threads - 15.5.2022
Tower Shield - 5.5.2022                   Steel Stinger - 18.5.2022
Tiger Scale Armor - 8.5.2022           Ailadrodd - 20.5.2022
Tiger Scale Armor - 9.5.2022           Rending Bolts - 2.6.2022            
Leviathan's Threads - 10.5.2022
Thanos Legacy - 11.5.2022
Sorry to hear, G
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I'm poor, here is my id 2533608
Wish you luck in your future endeavors man. Sorry to see you go.
Finally u gone
Legendary Loots :
12.02.2017 Plate over Leather
4.03.2018   Defender Boots

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(03-07-2022, 08:04 PM)Thunderstorm Wrote: Finally u gone

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