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Email Issues
Hi all,

As you may or may not be aware, we are having issues with emails. The crux of this issue is that we need to maintain a good delivery rating and we are finding this very difficult to do.

The metrics that are measured by the service provider are:
  • A delivery rate close to 100%
  • An open rate around 75%
  • A click rate around 2,5%
  • Complaint and bounce rates close to 0%

Unfortunately, these are proving incredibly difficult to maintain for a number of reasons including:
  • Most folks interested in updates see the email and check the forum directly - this reduces our open rate and click rate.
  • Plenty of folks were registered to threads but didn't really care about the updates - same issue as above, but also ate up our email quota.
  • Spam/bot accounts frequently cannot actually receive emails, causing our bounce rates to increase.
  • We are limited in the number of emails we can actually send per day.
  • Some people choose to use the block us / report us as spam, rather than unsubscribe.

Our actual ratings for these metrics since January are:
  • Delivery - 92.83%
  • Open - 12.34%
  • Click - 0% (yes, really)
  • Bounce - 0.77%
  • Blocked - 6.34% (Blocked means someone reported us as spam)

As such, we currently have a quota of 0, for the 3rd time in a short period of time. The quota's are automatic and once it hits 0 I need to talk with the support team to reinstate it - but if I cannot improve the situation (as we are seeing) then there is very little I can actually do to not get blocked again shortly thereafter.

I have tried multiple times to improve the email situation (security questions, captcha etc) but it just does not seem possible to maintain the ratings we are expected to. Therefore, for the time being there will not be any emails until I can figure out something else.

If you are trying to register on the forum or reset your password, please post in the Discord Help channel and someone will help you reset your password there.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

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What's we can do for help with this problem?
remove Email from spam (who add it) and reading messages?
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