What are you listening to right now?
Not metal this time

House of Tricksters - Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars / de facto Captain

Funny things that have happened

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[Image: hAaHG8T.png]
The third eye, by my all time favourite band of course~

"If anybody wants to label me a "race traitor" because my wife is asian; let me just remind you that 1. there's only one race -- human, and 2. unless I collude with some alien bug god to wipe out every other human being but me I don't think you can really label me a "race traitor", so suck on that racists!" -- My husband <3

Lvl 52 Master Peltast (HoS_Julianator); Lvl 52 Warden (HoS_Julianator-II); Lvl 52 Sharpshooter ( HoS_Julianator-IV); Lvl 52 Commando ( ~CM~Julianator-III)

Legendary drops:

06.07.2016 Griffon Bascinet
09.05.2018 Griffon Bascinet

Unlucky - Plz do not bully me


Follow me, folow me, follow me

Come to my home
"Man, I love [Bartus27]" - Midren

Legendary Looted
1. August.25, 2015- Valsgarde
2. August.26, 2015- Valsgarde
3.December.25, 2015-Tower shield
4.January.01, 217-Illustrious
5.August.29, 2017-Phoenix Shield
6.November.12, 2017-Worm bane
7,March.25,2018-Eagle Crossbow

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