Field Surgeon
Just wondering if there are any current items for field surgeon?
Just call me the Salamander
Yes. The Surgeon's Kit. It fully heals health in a large radius (probably around the radius of assist exp gain) but has only one use per kit. Of course, you could equip 4 kits to make up for this. It is also refillable via ammo refill and shrine.

Crafting: Craft Surgeon's Kit

Items Required:
40 x Sturdy Wood
25 x Antiseptic Cloth
2 x Silk
5 x Mixed Glue
5 x Spurn Berry
15 x Bone Dust
10 x Worm Root
5 x Quality Candle
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Thanks (:
Just call me the Salamander
Does the surgeons kit heals at the same speed as the small medic box?
Surgeons kit is a lot faster to use then the medic boxes. A very good emergency heal.
Not a clue which mobs drop silk though ???
silk is as far as i know a lvl 12 armorsmith ingredient (sturdy cloth?)
Ahh, thanks Smile
is it the armorsmith or alchemist that makes it?
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