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NordInvasion Trailer Competition
(15-09-2013, 10:22 PM)Nka19 link Wrote: Here's mine for what is worth :/

Couldn't do it sooner. Kind of rushed tho.

nice 1
/▌ = Mimer
/ \
(15-09-2013, 10:53 PM)Nka19 link Wrote: Do I still have any chanses? I couldn't render the video on my PC had to move like 500 GB of recordings to my laptop, and continued it there. That took hours and wasn't able to be home much either. Took last night and today to finish everything.

If nothing else, share a place? Like there's two 3rd places as I see.

Im sure if this video came out on time, you would have made competitive with GeNf.
The begin in yours and GeNf's video were similarly. The red thread was always in both videos.
But i think it's to late now for you. If you got not the 1 rank, im sure you would have got the 2 rank.
However, you can be the lucky winner of 5.001 gold. Just need your ID =D
(16-09-2013, 04:56 AM)Skywalker link Wrote: I think it would be fair if everybody who took Part there get something...
Sinister 800K
MrDrumlix 700k
Sparrow 600K

(i cant remember it...)

Lets just give them all legendarys!
Loot for all? Do you think we're communists or something?

Congratulations again to all those who took part and well done Genf.

I think we'll just close this thread now.
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