Medic Progression and Tips (vers 0.6.1)
I noticed that there wasn't much information on medics on the forum (specifically level requirements) so I decided to write a guide myself.

Completely Pointless Table of Contents:
  1. Tier and Item Progression
  2. Tips for General Usage

Tier and Item Progression  Back to the top
Tier 1: Nurse (requires level 7 costs 3,000 assist experience.)
Simple Medic Box - Heals allies for 20% within a 5 meter radius (3 charges)

Tier 2: Field Medic (requires level 20, costs 15,000 assist experience.)
Medic Box -  Heals allies for 40% within a 10 meter radius (3 charges)

Tier 3: Field Surgeon (requires level 39, costs 50,000 assist experience.)
Surgeon's Kit - Heals allies for 100% within a 25 meter radius (1 charge)
Field Medic Box - Heals allies for 40% within a 10 meter radius (8 charges)

Tier 4: Master Surgeon (requires level 50, costs 150,000 assist experience.)
Master Surgeon's Kit - Heals allies for 100% within a 25 meter radius (3 charges)
Resurrection Tome - Has a chance of resurrecting fallen allies or summoning a deadly Wraith that will target allied players (1 charge)

Tips for General Usage  Back to the top
  1. Support items, once spawned into the game, can be picked up by any player regardless of class or tier. A newly made character can pick up medic kits and use them to provide the team with heals.

  2. All support items are considered throwables. They do 5 blunt damage upon placement. As a result, they can be used to blow barrels and break barricades. Be mindful of where you use your support item.

  3. All medic items (with the exception of the resurrection tome) can be refilled by using the restore ammunition boxes or the shrine.

  4. You are able to heal your allies while refilling by left clicking while holding down F. By doing this, you can provide your team with a continuous stream of heals.

EDIT: Formatting.
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Very useful guide! We needed this..
Looks awesome, but you said the Surgeon's Kit has 3 charges instead of 1. Also, I think the Field Medic Boxes have better range than the normal ones, but I'm not sure.
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Also I am Pretty Sure Field Medic Boxes are usable by Field Surgeon but this should be double checked.
Master Surgeon's Kit - Heals allies for 100% within a 20 meter radius (3 charges)

Edit: not really sure, i'll check it later in singleplayer
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I checked it in game :
Surgeon's Kit - Heals allies for 100% within a 25 meter radius (1 charge)
Although Freaky, it'd be weird if Master Surgeon's Kits would have only a 20 meter radius.

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This is probably important: make sure at least two tome bringers are dead before toming for more tomes or barricades (you know why).
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Alright, edits made. Thanks for the information. Didn't want to craft surgeon's kits just to check the range. Field Medic boxes are usable by field surgeons.
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People shouldn't underestimate the value of the medic. It really makes the game a lot more fun and opens up a lot of different possibilities. I highly recommend more players to actually use the medic kits they bring into the game, rather than decorate the ground with them.
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