The Scarlet Knights [SK][NA][Open to Applications]
The Scarlet Knights

[Image: brgUW.png]

House Leader: ClickEverywhere/Tsukiyomi
House Captains: Counselor

House Motto: Be good. Don't be bad.

The Scarlet Knights value individual skill, teamwork, and versatility. Recruits must be able to learn and excel in any role. Any player may apply, but nine out of ten applicants fail to pass the trial period. You may be accepted as a trainee, but until you display your game sense and ability, you will not be allowed to wear the SK_ tags. Recruits will be allowed to borrow lower tier craftables.

Becoming a Full Member
In time, if you manage to demonstrate your value, you may become a full member. Everyone starts out bad at this game, but with a little effort anybody can become decent. Some may even become great. Applicants will be judged by their performance in-game. Members are expected to have decent mental capacity. Do not be a rock, only moving when kicked; think for yourself. We seek those with critical thinking abilities.

Our TS channel can be found in
Look for the Scarlet Knights channel.
You can download TeamSpeak here:

Applicants will be judged by their participation on teamspeak.

Removal from the House
If I don't like you, you're out of the house. If you never show up on teamspeak or to events, you're out of the house. If you fail to pull your own weight in too many runs, you're out of the house.

Useful Links for Learning the Game:
Game Rules
Crafting Resources - Online, Excel
Good, good.
[Image: gQUGcYN.gif?1]
So begins the marriage of the two greatest houses NI has ever seen..
The name of this new era is the Scarlet Knights!  8)
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- All is fair in love, war, and the Auction House -
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NO, it's POMF time!

Roses are Red, Nuts are brown, Skirts go Up, Pants go Down, Body to Body, Skin to Skin, When it is Stiff, Stick it In, The Longer its In, The stronger it Gets, It goes in Dry, Comes out Wet, It comes out dripping, and it starts to Sag, Its not what you Think …its a Teabag xD
Can I apply me for a captain?
You really do have to try this Stupid but somehow amazing website out!
Also for every fish lover
Sigh...I'll start working a new banner.

Of course, I think the red lion on white would work nice. Or a nice red griffin.

If any one has any ideas, let me know, and I'll see if I get inspired.

Banner Ideas

So, I whipped up some VERY basic ideas, more so people could put opinions on the heraldry, rather than total design. A few have extra design elements to put some things I was thinking about. Currently, PK has a griffin, and SB has swords. We could pull in some of both (I did one with lions and sword to be a sort of literal combo one). We could switch to another animal like a dragon, lions (Swadia and all that jazz), or eagles (the double headed eagle being one head for each original house). Colors/designs are not final by any means, and I'll probably work a sword in some more places somehow. Just wanted to get opinions on which of the heraldry people like.

Feedback (Preliminary)
Click: I like L6 and Sh1c. E1c and E4b are also quite nice. And every one in the Shield group is good. P.S. I can't deny the allure of the super combo either.
Fluffy: Like Finland's coat of arms, anyways for banners i like E1b, E4b, and super combo.
Galen_Thalheimer: I personally like (in order) C3/C5, Sa/C1, C4
Gashy: E1c looks the best by far imo  ;D  SA is really nice too  Wink
Illithar: I like them all, least favorite is Sh1 and variants. If I had to pick, personally the super combo.
Jarold: I like SA and E4
Jay_Nova: E1b is my favorite banner.
Peter_File: Looking good, I think SA and L6 are the best.
Sparhawk: E4b and Sa .... [later] Okay, Sa has my whole vote I think. ... C3 is new favorite.
Wolfsblood: E4B, L6, SA and any of the Sh ones

Herladic Elements

Unpopular Choices
Eagle Choices
Top Choices
C3[Image: Imdkb.png] C1[Image: RaSHg.png] Sa[Image: 31rsM.png] Sb[Image: HosW4.png]

Combo marking it a house banner: [Image: h7HGz.png]
In game: [Image: MvgMj.jpg]

Second Places (ATM)
C4[Image: sY7ou.png] C5[Image: poS1C.png] L6[Image: XTalT.png]
E1b[Image: 6eBjX.png] E4b[Image: okUPH.png] Sh1[Image: pjW9J.png]  Sh1c[Image: Gn7lc.png]

House Thalheimer: Galen (Legionnaire), Wilhelm (Warden), Johann (Chosen Marksmen), Friedrich (Master Peltast) [Engineers]
Crafting: Blacksmith Max, Armorsmith Max, Alchemy Max, Support 22, Defender 14
NI House: The Order of Scarlet Blade Scarlet Knights
NI Banners - NI Banner Prototypes

We should go for a flag that resembles medieval times. We still need to keep it red ( scarlet ) of course. I like your idea of a griffin, but they seem so common.
[Image: gQUGcYN.gif?1]
And as a side note, a little consultation with some more of the active people might have been nice. Just saying.
House Thalheimer: Galen (Legionnaire), Wilhelm (Warden), Johann (Chosen Marksmen), Friedrich (Master Peltast) [Engineers]
Crafting: Blacksmith Max, Armorsmith Max, Alchemy Max, Support 22, Defender 14
NI House: The Order of Scarlet Blade Scarlet Knights
NI Banners - NI Banner Prototypes

;c Many tears. Anyways on captain nominations you should totally have me be a captain so I can stop sending my nudes to Wolfie everytime I have him invite someone Big Grin

Also If anybody is in need of some gear for their characters I will not be as active as I would like to and I have these if you want to borrow.

Just send me a pm of what you want to borrow and for how long. Of course please don't sell or trade any of these items w/o my permission first.
Broad shouldered: LatinaHeat
Soft hands: Murrow
Soiled hands: Lantice
Queenie: Phe
Morale Tent: Ailish, Buki, Chasia,
(04-08-2012, 09:06 AM)Legend link Wrote:and you are a sex-object murrow  :Smile (and a guy who's a woman..)
I'm cool with this!

But also agree with Galen a bit more of a heads up might have been nice, maybe a PM to regular active players?

If it hadn't been PK I'd have been less cool with it.

Looking forward to the new banner.

I'd also add I for one appreciate all the effort that the guys that keep the house running do, not going to list names in case I miss someone, but you know who you are. 

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