1.6.0 Client Release
(17-05-2017, 11:19 AM)Narvad Wrote:
(15-05-2017, 01:55 AM)Winter Wrote: + Steel War Axe: 1.5 weight, 97 speed, 77 length, 44 cut, personal crafting (Steel Sword recipe)
On the website and in the game Speed is 94.

The game stat is accurate. I've updated the post to list 94 speed.
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swap aila moddel with the one of eastern repeater, it looks more ornated and thus it should be more rare hence using the model on aila
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(15-05-2017, 05:09 AM)Woody Wrote:  is outclassed by Wulf and Rag I'm fine with that just fang and fell edge are just about as good yet illus is the all 1h hero class? So i was thinking could either buff it to.
104 speed 
3 heroes

Wulf | Rag
105 speed 
2 heroes 

So then it bit behind Rag and Wulf or with this new hero jugg could maybe give it to him to use so it a better than fang but still not as good as what Leg can get with Wulf Rag and Excalibur? (so Illus is 4 heroes)

Note Ab atm in 1h mode is 60c 140 long 95 speed and inf also... So that also makes illus look like even more of a waste. 

I want to guess it got no change in 1.5.0 as 3heros so it was like a "tr4" one back then now we are at 4 heros is the "tr4" like gothic etc..  If you get what I mean I think you missed buffing/changing this.

hero locked melee weapons could get a buff of 1 dmg to level the illu vs the FoF (all red melee  legendaries +1 dmg)
as for AB i suggest setting its swinging speed back 5-8 speedpoints (in 1h mode)  to make illu a faster 1h than AB
Loots: 2016/11/14: Zephyr,  2016/11/30: Wulfsbane,  2016/12/28: Stag Bow,  2017/01/02: Stag Bow, 2017/04/16: Dragon Halberd
isnt hypers reworked hell a really old map? i could swear i have played this map on NI a long time ago
Loots: 2016/11/14: Zephyr,  2016/11/30: Wulfsbane,  2016/12/28: Stag Bow,  2017/01/02: Stag Bow, 2017/04/16: Dragon Halberd
The reworked version according to Hande is a rework based upon the oldest original version of Hypers Hell
Looted A Frying Pan 11/25/14
[Image: tbavTdE.jpg]

Defender Armour: +2 body (84), +2 leg (44)
Defender set: class lock
Does the rest of the set even drop? Like the helmet, gloves and boots. It's been 2 months and none have been reported being dropped. Maybe its not on the drop table?

Defender Helmet: -10 head (76)
same as above
Valsgarde Helmet:+1 head (76), +2 weight (3)

Bastard Weapons:
Severance [Bastard] 105 speed, 79 length, 64 cut
Severance [1 Hand] 100 speed, 79 length, 58 cut
people who own the Severance have told me there is no 1h mode that u can switch to like u can with the aurora
Aurora Blade [Bastard] 64 cut (+4), 46 pierce (+2), locked to Commando heros
Aurora Blade [1 Hand]]60 cut (+4)
Mjolnir [2 Hand] 89 speed, 75 length, 60 blunt
Mjolnir [1 Hand] 85 speed, 75 length, 56 blunt

no love for the wormbane?

After playing the update on and off for the last 2 months, here are my 2 cents. Hoplite feels competely useless, maybe after some new legendaries for the class drop? it might feel good? It says in the update that the defender set has been changed, but they were all replaced. Does this mean they will start dropping? also will imperial red/blue/heraldic plate ever drop?
I'm sure all or most red things are in game (drop talbes) it's more the fact that the chance to loot has probz not change even tho the amount of active people has. 

Add the fact the "new" stuff will still be a low chance like always.

Put it this way let's say gothic has a X amount of chance to drop this X is the same as h-plate or very close.This guess is probs right with all drop rates ATM looking at all the posts ATM.

Worm babe is still usable by all make it tr4 sniper and tr4 inf 

58c 101speed etc

Or make it pink with all the other usable by all shit.
Thor's Mjolnir now damages all barricades and platforms. The amount of damage varies with the distance from the attack.

idk about what you guys think but this is making rag runs almost impossible. You need to double barrel all the chosen or something and stun lock thor or you die...
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