Swadian New Year Tournament
Account Name: JustAlphaa
Categories: All
Account name: Rain
Categories: Friday(all) NA and EU; Sunday(last man standing) NA and EU

DB_Rain * QueensGuard * DB_Nebel * DB_Regen * Rain * Railgun
Account Name: Green_Dragon

Categories: EU Bow, EU Last Man Standing
"Dedicated Nord Farmer"

Legendary Loots: None

Legendary Farms:
29.01.18 Fiendish Bow (Proudly farmed, bought and well deserved)
Account Name: Woody

Categories: Make some people with good ping look bad sure. All.
Account Name: Bartus
Categories: All Eu
"Man, I love [Bartus27]" - Midren

Legendary Looted
1. August.25, 2015- Valsgarde
2. August.26, 2015- Valsgarde
3.December.25, 2015-Tower shield
4.January.01, 217-Illustrious
5.August.29, 2017-Phoenix Shield
6.November.12, 2017-Worm bane
Account Name: BEAR_Ken
Categories: all except the friday
Fiendish bow - 2017
Excalibur - 03.03.18 Loke

excuse me for my English
Account Name: Aleks
Categories: All EU

Sorry i won't be able to attend

I mastered the art of... looting nuffin'.


all na
if you have problem of the model variety send it to xen winter me because it'll piss him off
Account Name: Perception
Categories: All

Try taking native stats as a template for balancing this time, should make for fair fights.
Account name: Cygan
Categories: all EU categories
BoS_Cygan_MP, 21lvl Blacksmith 
BoS_Cygan_Legio, 18lvl Alchemist 
BoS_Cygan_sentry, 15lvl Armorsmith

01.01.2018 Dragon Halberd

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