Swadian New Year Tournament
The Saturday brackets have concluded. Thank you to everyone who showed up and made the event fun, and an extra thank you for following the rules and making things easier on the administration. Today we complete EU One Hand, EU Two Hand, EU Polearm, EU Throwing, NA One Hand, NA Two Hand, and NA Polearm. Special thanks to Kip for running a second arena to speed things up and to Hande for holding the door. As a reminder, the Mixed Melee and Last Man Standing events are tomorrow.

The victors of today's brackets are as follows: EU One Hand - sH0cK, EU Two Hand - sH0cK, EU Polearm - sH0cK, EU Throwing - Shark_Rider, NA One Hand - sH0cK, NA Two Hand - sH0cK, NA Polearm - Angar
Special mentions for second place: EU One Hand - ilya2016, EU Two Hand - TH_SIGMAR, EU Polearm - Katarak, EU Throwing - sH0cK, NA One Hand - Angar, NA Two Hand - Terath, NA Polearm - Terath

The OP has been updated with the points earned today.

The NA Two Hand and NA Polearm brackets had to be remade due to the large number of people signing up but not showing up to the event. The new, completed brackets have been added to the OP. Those that lost in the quarter-finals were each given a point to compensate for the unfair bracket distribution. It is not a big deal to miss one of your matches, but to sign up for all of them and show up to none of them is a waste of everyone's time and shows a general lack of consideration for others. Thank you to those that took the time to retract your applications prior to the event or otherwise notify me ahead of time that you would not be present.
The Sunday brackets have concluded and thus the Swadian New Year Tournament is over.  Today we completed EU Mixed Melee, EU Last Man Standing, NA Mixed Melee, and NA Last Man Standing.  I hope everyone enjoyed the unique events planned for today, and special thanks to Midren for making the map for Last Man Standing: it seems to be a real crowd pleaser and will likely be used in future tournaments.

The victors of today's brackets are as follows: EU Mixed Melee - ilya2106, NA Mixed Melee - Shark_Rider
Special mentions for second place: EU Mixed Melee - TH_SIGMAR, NA Mixed Melee - Faravin
The last men standing: EU - Katarak, NA - GrafBlade
Most kills in LMS: EU - Shark_Rider, NA - GrafBlade

Thank you to everyone that competed, and congratulations to our overall victors:
1st place - sH0cK_
2nd place - Angar
3rd place - Shark_Rider (sH0cK_Rider)
4th place - Alphaa

Please PM me to claim your rewards!

As a small change to the tournament due to how strenuous it was to attend wait through all of the events and just how many people you had to fight your way through to get to the top, 4th place will also be allowed to pick an orange tier legendary of their choice.  As a thank you to everyone that did not miss any of the matches they signed up for, you will each obtain a special reward!  


PM me to receive your special collectible, the Heavy Practice Sword!

As an extra special thank you to those who really put in their all and attended every single event during the tournament, you will each receive a Jager set with Beer!

Lone Wolf

Please PM me to receive your reward!

Throughout the tournament we had to sort through the people who missed their matches and, in some cases, remake the brackets completely due to a large portion of competitors not showing up.  Although it is understandable to have real life responsibilities or other events come up, there were a few people who really stood out when we had to call their name at every event and receive no response.  People who disrespected the time of others and signed up for everything but showed up to nothing will not be allowed entry into the next tournament:


Again, thank you to everyone that competed and made this a fun experience.  I hope everyone enjoyed the tournament and is looking forward to the next one.  Please use the Tournament Discussion Thread to provide feedback on the tournament.  What did you like?  What did you not like?  Should the tournament be organized any differently and did the stats of the items seem balanced?  Do you have some other original idea?  This is your chance to give your opinion on the tournament and hopefully make the next one better.

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