Swadian February Tournament
EU portion of the tournament starts in less than an hour. Make sure you are in TS before it starts or you will not be allowed to compete.
Have fun guys, can't wait to see the results!
Legendaries Looted:
-One Handed Battle Axe
-[Image: Geralt]
At once there was no desire to play at this tournament when I saw that the animation shot lags.
After shooting my opponent, his string remains tense. Sometimes my opponent shot without animations. as if I'm playing with a ping 250, but I have a good ping, which is 41. All this is clearly seen in the videos. Also, in the New Year's tournament there was the same problem with animation of bows, while I was playing on another pc.
[Image: steam_16.png] ilya2106
Last chance to make an appearance in Teampspeak.
Thank you to everyone that attended!  It was a fun event, and hopefully the next will be even better.  The brackets with results are posted under each section in the original post.  This post has the final results and rewards:

If you are a winner of a regional tournament, please PM me with your ID to receive your collectible Huscarl's Round Shield!
Winner of EU Tournament: Lucien~
Winner of NA Tournament: casual~
Winner of AU Tournament: perncess~

If you have 10 wins, please PM with your ID for your bow or arrows of choice!  If you have 9 wins, please PM me with your ID for your 20 x dropped materials of choice.  If you have 5 wins, please PM me with your ID for your 10 x dropped materials of choice.  If you have 4 wins, please PM me with your ID for your 50 x Hardened Metal.
Overall winners:
Alphaa: 10~
Lucien: 9~
Perncess: 5~
Camaro: 5~
Tauriel: 5~
casual: 5~
Narko: 5~
Nka19: 5~
Anonymous: 4
Angar: 4~
Corndog: 4~
Scarecrow: 3
Disco: 3
Faravin: 3
Bartus: 3
Custodian: 3
Kekovic: 2
Akanamah: 2
Daedra: 2
ilya2106: 2
0n1y_f0r_fun: 1
LoneWolf: 1
SPQR_Shark: 1
Katarak: 1

A special thank you to everyone that had the commitment to attend every region's tournament.  Please PM me to receive your collectible Straw Hat!
Attended All Events:
Hey.. I wasn't the worst player after all.

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