Rydell & Zocki models
We try to make 3D models as our hobby and we´d like to remodel some low quality models in Warband. Our future goal is to help NI team in creating NI2 assets.

New - 08.05.2019:

Models from both of us

Rydell's Models

Zocki's Models

Work in progress:

Feedback is much appreciated.
looks good
[Image: 15624063.png]
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Just noticed some graphic artifacts and the bottom of blade, will fix that later ^^
It looks good, but it bugs me that shaft has a circular cross section. They are usually ellipsoidal to provide a better grip. Moreover, every edge of your model is sharp, it would be better to use smooth ones too, especially on a shaft.
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Im a big fan of those twigs
A loot a year keeps the interested here

I do maps btw lol
(22-05-2018, 09:04 AM)DragonFire1 Wrote: Im a big fan of those twigs

Looks like the old warmonger but little improved. But i like it too, and he is still working. Great work, keep going! Wink
[Image: iu5ocpw.png] [Image: cHTj01v.png]
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I'm a fan of both. Good work.

Some minor complaints; the large head of the twig model makes the shaft look kinda small and thin. Maybe lengthen the shaft or add some decoration to it (however that would be done).
The axe's model is nice, but the texturing could use some work. Substance Painter is a fantastic place to start, though. I can relate since I've only just started switching to it as well.
if you have problem of the model variety send it to winter xen winter me winter me xen because it'll piss him off
It is also first time I've used substance painter and I don't even know hotkeys to it ^^ But I have lots of free time to learn.

Thank you all for the feedback. I'll try to make my best now and I'll update the models later.
Got back from trip so I'll soon update previous models.
Added Necronomicon. (deleted)

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