Best Gear Cheap

[Image: fetch.php?w=440&tok=0671b9&media=general..._armor.png] Tiger Scale Armour
Ideally would like to trade for Leviathan's Guard.
[Image: fetch.php?w=440&tok=859654&media=general...ngandr.png] Jormungandr
Would like to get Malice for it. Or some other good thing.
[Image: terath_2hmace.png] Ironsong
Also possible trade for Malice.
[Image: fetch.php?w=440&tok=5d80cb&media=general..._plate.png] 2 x Dark Gothic Plate
Would like to trade one for Malice as well.
[Image: fetch.php?w=440&tok=bd090b&media=general..._spear.png] Dragon Spear
2m in gold/materials. PM me today to get 5% discount!

Interested in/Buying

Raging Typhoon (for Raging Tempest + my balance)
Blessed Zephyr (for Zephyr + standard upgrade cost as balance, for example)
Volcanic Daggers or Raging Volcanic Daggers

Leviathan's Guard or Cursed Leviathan's Guard
Gloves of Vidar or Blessed Gloves of Vidar
Cursed Leviathan's Treads (maybe)
Barbutte with Coif (maybe)
Ornate Bascinet (maybe)
Dellingr's Hands (maybe)

Other quality legendaries like Ailadrodd, Rupturers and so on.
Good upgraded legendaries like Blessed Stag Bow, Blessed Twigs and so on.

Not interested in

Melee weapons.
Infantry gear.
Non-Warden archer gear.
Crafted gear.


All my money reserved for future upgrades at the moment.

About offers

If your offer doesn't contain anything from I'm interested in it should consist at least 50% from gold/materials. You could try to overpay greatly as well.

My characters' gear

My loots

10.08.2018 - Valsgarde Helmet - Odin, Praven
13.08.2018 - Illustrious - Nord Prince, Keancuop Forest
15.08.2018 - Dark Gothic Plate - King Ragnar, Hidden Cave
30.08.2018 - Godwood Lance - Fionn mac Cumhaill, Nordic Fortress
11.09.2018 - Defender Armour - Thor, Old Shire
05.02.2019 - Jormungandr - Loke, Nordic Fortress
13.02.2019 - Ironsong - Wolf Clan Warrior, King's Castleyard
14.02.2019 - Dragon Spear - Royal Observatory
20.02.2019 - Noble Steel Gauntlets - Nord Prince, Port Assault
22.02.2019 - Severance - Nord Commander, King's Reach
25.02.2019 - Tempest - Odin, Swadian Great Hall
22.03.2019 - Jormungandr - Loki, Old Shire
12.04.2019 - Dark Gothic Plate - King Ragnar, Hyper's Hell
+ Valsgarde helmet
+ Illustrious
- Valsgarde Helmet
- Illustrious
- Ebony Arrows
- Bronze Arrows
- gold
- materials

+ Dark Gothic Plate
+ Godwood Lance
+ Defender Armour
- Godwood Lance


Huntress put on trade.

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