Best Gear Cheap

[Image: fetch.php?w=440&tok=5d80cb&media=general..._plate.png] Dark Gothic Plate
After huge infantry buff in 1.10 this piece of beauty is must-have!
[Image: fetch.php?w=440&tok=0d914d&media=general..._armor.png] Defender Armour
Shred your foes as Juggernaut!
[Image: fetch.php?w=440&tok=d2bc1c&media=general...ricane.png] Raging Hurricane
Only for bow-upgrade trade.
[Image: savtr8O.png] Strong Wall barricade (T3)
Selling cheap, in urgent need of money.


nothing anymore


in debts
no materials

About offers

If your offer doesn't contain anything from "Buying" list it should consist at least 50% from gold/materials. Alternatively you could try to overpay greatly, but unlikely I will accept anyway. All I need is gold (may be some materials).

My loots

10.08.2018 - Valsgarde Helmet - Odin, Praven
13.08.2018 - Illustrious - Nord Prince, Keancuop Forest
15.08.2018 - Dark Gothic Plate - King Ragnar, Hidden Cave
30.08.2018 - Godwood Lance - Fionn mac Cumhaill, Nordic Fortress
11.09.2018 - Defender Armour - Thor, Old Shire
+ Valsgarde helmet
+ Illustrious
- Valsgarde Helmet
- Illustrious
- Ebony Arrows
- Bronze Arrows
- gold
- materials

+ Dark Gothic Plate
+ Godwood Lance
+ Defender Armour
- Godwood Lance


Huntress put on trade.

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