1.10.0 Client Release
Hmm the Elegant Crossbow now hurts 170p? Its just about good as Big Shot now. Also between how much the blue crafted crossbows hurt, the house crafted Heavy Repeater Crossbow now hurts 110vs135 of the Repeater Crossbow. Is there anyway Sharpthorn could be buffed? At this point it seems like Pavise or Aventurier that cant afford Legendary xbows are really behind now. I dont think a 500k blue repeater should hurt more then a 3mil or so house crafted xbow thats not a repeater.
Why is Dead Shot now Slower than befor update ;(
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(02-09-2018, 08:46 AM)Unknown_Soldier Wrote: Hmm the Elegant Crossbow now hurts 170p? Its just about good as Big Shot now.

It's 170p vs 185p. Perhaps its speed should be nerfed to match that of the Big Shot.
Ah I didnt see they upgraded Big Shot as well. Yeah it needs something done cause as it sits now, It is better then Penetrator I think as well. Hurts 25 more, has knockdown etc, 1 more shoot speed and only 2 less speed rating. I feel like all the Xbows that arent Repeater or Chosen Marksmen are really under powered at the moment.
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so some things 

"Cursed Ancient Greatsword +12b" 

Normal Ags doesn't have blunt on stab anymore 

Blessed Mjolnir (W+)
Blessed Phoenix Shield (Hit points, Resistance, W)
Blessed Durendal (Thrust damage)
Blessed Excalibur (Thrust damage)

Could be others but can't see them

P.S. With full Def set got to w10 hard as jugg and could have gone to maybe 15 if I was fucked kiting. So seems a bit op but not as broken as it could have been. 

Nice job once again.
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We are aware of the friendly fire issue for commando heroes. A fix is in the make.
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(02-09-2018, 07:31 AM)Kip Wrote:
  • Elegant Crossbow
    • +ignore friction and gravity

[Image: c4a.gif]
NI = PvP now.
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Btw Kattegat is still on the server list. Switched off of Frosthaven. Morgan and Elmo were on to switch but wanted you to know.
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