Happy valentines day!
We hope you all had a great valentines day and celebrated it with your loved ones.
Because valentines day is all about being together, material drops will come in pairs this weekend.

The event starts at the time of this post and will last till Sunday evening.


The NordInvasion team.
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DB Event!
Legendary Loots: 37

Steam: Faravin | Playershop

Thank you Kaas. You are the greatest guy in the world. Hopefully you messed it up and legendaries are also x2 Tongue <3
I am doing bad good models
Gloves of Vidar 4/5/18  
Shield of Kings 5/5/18
Twigs of Yggdrasil 10/08/18
Bulwark of Swadia 14/09/18
Dead Shot 23/07/19
[Image: 76561198123009988.png]
I bet the mats have a better sex life than half of the NI community C:

Thanks for the double drop!
Legendary Loots:

11/12/2015:   Durendal
04/01/2016:   Studded Gauntlets                                
18/11/2016:   Twig of Yggdrasil
18/12/2017:   Defender Armour
25/03/2018:   Dark Gothic Sallet
07/05/2018:   Defender Boots
06/01/2019:   Fiendish Bow
16/01/2019:   Studded Gauntlets
08/03/2019:   Mortifer
17/04/2019:   Black Arrows
25/04/2019:   Phoenix Shield
(15-02-2019, 07:43 PM)Angar Wrote: I bet the mats have a better sex life than half of the NI community C:

Thanks for the double drop!

What is this thing called sex? It's a gender right.

Let the mats flow!
happy valentines day my love @faravin
2018 - Sun Pike   
2018 - Severance 
2018 - Pride 
2018 - Mjolnir 
2018 - Legacy 
2018 - Ornate C. 
2018 - TigerScale A.
2019 - Dragon S. 
2019 - Gilded Bear A 
2019 - Gothic Plate
When everbody is enjoying the game & events and u are like;

[Image: b16.jpg]
NordInvasion Wiki

Brigadine Plated Black -  20/01/16
Dragon Spear - 17/03/18
Thanks a lot
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when even the mats in ni find a partner
Legendary Drops:

Hurricane Bow - December 2014
Naval Glaive - February 2015
Illustrious - October 2017
Imperial Halfplate - Red - September 2018
Aurora Blade - October 2018
Godwood Lance - February 2019


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