Stockfisch's Underwater Cave
Royal Guard:
Cursed War Pick
Blessed Shield of Kings
Blessed Royal Helmet
Battle Hardened Imperial Halfplate - Red
Blessed Gothic Gauntlets
Blessed Gothic Greaves

Cursed Mercy
Blessed Excalibur 
Blessed Phoenix Shield
Blessed Glory
Blessed Ironsong
Battle Honed Legacy
Battle Hardened Dark Griffon Bascinet
Cursed Gothic Sallet
Cursed Gothic Plate 
Cursed Gothic Gauntlets
Cursed Gothic Greaves

Raging Ailadrodd
Cursed Onyx Raging Ailadrodd
Blessed Halogi's Torch
Battle Hardened Heavy Sallet Battle 
Battle Hardened Brigadine Plated Heraldic 
Blessed Nobel Steel Gauntlets
Battle Honed Heavy Scaled Greaves

Cursed Mangler 
Raging Volcanic Daggers
Vagabond Helmet
Cursed Tiger Scale Armour
Blessed Dellingr's Hands 
Blessed Lionhide Boots

Explosive Barrel
Strong Barricade
Strong Wall Barricade
Master Surgeon's Kit
Resurrection Tome

Legendary Loots:
2018-01-20 Ornate Bascinet
2018-02-26 Tempest
2018-03-17 Dragon Breath
2018-03-18 Phoenix Shield
2018-03-26 Ancient Greatsword
2018-05-26 Heraldic Plate
2018-06-13 Nobel Steel Gauntlets
2018-08-25 Ironsong
2019-02-09 Barbutte With Coif
2019-02-16 Ailadrodd
2019-02-20 Vagabond Helmet
2019-03-06 Imperial Halfplate - Red
2019-05-23 Leather Overmail
2019-08-11 Zephyr
2019-08-18 Gilded Bear Armour
2019-08-18 Twigs of Yggdrasil
2019-12-30 Defender Helmet
2020-01-12 Rupturers
2020-03-28 Vigilance
2020-10-21 Volcanic Daggers
2020-11-21 Dreaded War Pick
2020-12-05 Glory
2020-12-12 Dragon Axe
2020-12-12 Dark Griffon Bascinet
2021-01-03 Tempest
2021-01-17 Durendal
2021-02-06 Black Arrows
2021-02-07 Dellingr's Hands
2021-02-08 Dellingr's Hands
2021-02-09 Typhoon
2021-02-18 Dark Gothic Sallet
2021-02-20 Defender Armour

2021-03-12 Vagabond Helmet
2021-03-16 Defender Boots 
2021-03-17 Mercy
2021-03-17 Halogis Torch 
2021-05-29 Shield of Kings
2021-05-20 Leviathan's Treads 
2021-06-25 Jormungandr 
2021-06-25 Worm Bane
2021-07-16 Ullr's Bane 
2021-07-30 Onyx Bolts 
2021-07-31 Mjolnir
Legendary Loots: 43

Steam / Shop
- 150.000.000 Gold
+ Legendary upgrades
+ Marauder
Legendary Loots: 43

Steam / Shop
This is pure flex.
Legendary Loots: 16
+Battle Honed Heavy Scaled Greaves
+Battle Hardened Brigadine Plated Heraldic
+Raging Ailadrodd
+Raging Volcanic Daggers
+Blessed Lionhide Boots
Legendary Loots: 43

Steam / Shop
PM me your offers
Legendary Loots: 43

Steam / Shop

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