1.11.5 Client Release
Hello everyone,

This update is focused mostly on improving the new support system. More build points are available by default and the number scales on more populated servers. The process of building barricades has also been streamlined to make it faster and easier to position the barricades before you build them. Medics have also been updated with the ability to force the reload of healing charges and now receive a 10% self-heal. Beyond support changes, we also have some rebalancing of enemies, item changes, scene updates, and the ability to resurrect players who have lost connection to the server and rejoined within the same run.

Engineering changes:
  • Players who spawn a barrel gain access to the build menu.
  • After choosing a barricade from the build menu, the player enters a building mode with a preview of the barricade.
    • Hold the standard interaction key to build when you have it positioned the way you want it.
    • Press escape to cancel the build.
  • The number of build points available has been increased.
    • The base number of build points per wave has been increased from 6 to 8.
    • For every player on the server past the first eight, another build point is earned each wave.
  • All platforms no longer cost build points and have had their HP reduced by 50%.

Medic changes:
  • The cooldown between heals has been reduced from 2.5 seconds to 2.
  • The player who heals now receives 10% reflective healing.
  • A player who disconnects from a server and rejoins it (DC/crash) will be eligible for resurrection.
  • Holding the medic ability button for 1.5 seconds will set the quantity to 0 and trigger the 15 second reload timer.

General changes:
  • The welcome message has been updated.
  • A private message is now displayed upon spawning which explains how to access the build menu/medic ability. This should make it easier for new players.
  • The scoreboard has an E or M prefixed to each player with an Engineer or Medic class.

Item changes:
  • Battle Honed Pride: weight -0.25 (0.25), standard swing +2 (73), alt swing +2 (63), thrust +2 (63)
  • Cursed Dead Shot: thrust -5 (210)
  • Dead Shot: thrust -5 (195)
  • Dragon Axe: swing +1 (61)
  • Pride: weight -0.5 (0.5), standard swing +2 (68), alt swing +1 (58), thrust +1 (58)
  • Reinforced Halfplate: replaced by Slayer Armour
  • Slayer set: new house craftable Juggernaut armour
  • Steel Tower Shield: new craftable pavise shield
  • Sun Pike: renamed to Sun Glaive
  • Tracker Gloves: new
  • Twigs of Yggdrasil: remodelled

Scene changes:
  • Ancient Bastion: filled some gaps under the Swadian defences
  • King's Castleyard: reinforced gatehouse barriers
  • Nordic Village: grounded some floating props
  • Praven: ai mesh
  • Swadian Old Village: ai mesh
  • Yalen Retreat: slightly shifted the Nord spawns

Troop changes:
  • Standardized all troop names containing Sergeant and Berserker.
  • Normal mode:
    • Nord Berserkers hit a little less hard.
    • Mercenary Sea Raiders have lost their helmet.
    • Hungry Zhugs and Crazed Blademasters are weaker.
  • Hard mode:
    • Wolf Clan Conscripts are stronger and more accurate.
    • Fimbulwinter Warriors are stronger.
    • Queen's Guard are a little weaker.
    • Royal Vanguard Huscarls are stronger.
    • Many other Hard mode troops have had minor adjustments.
  • Ragnarok mode:
    • Changed Loke's name to Loki.
    • Followers of Vanagandr now wield pikes.
    • Followers of Hati continue to use their sword and shield.
    • Followers of Skoll now wield great axes.
    • All followers should be a little less hard to kill.
    • Fire Jotnes are now stronger and tougher.
    • Wolf Clan Warriors are now stronger and more accurate.
  • Cavalry mode:
    • Queen Lagertha and Field Marshall Roghvatr's shields have had their health halved.
    • Nord Mounted Battle Hardened Huscarls have been renamed to Warborn Huscarls.
    • Kveld-Ulfrs, Warborn Huscarls, and Warborn Shieldmaiden's shields have had their health cut by two thirds.
    • Kveld-Ulfrs' spears have become pikes.
    • Ulfhednar's throwing axes are a little more dangerous.
    • Gunnar's bow is a little more dangerous.
    • Both Ulfhednars and Kveld-Ulfrs' stats should be a little bit lower (they are still just as fast).
    • Wave 9 boss minions are a little bit stronger.
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Good update. Thanks for your work
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Lot of stuff in this update I have been looking forward to. Thanks devs
[Image: 5OL0wry.png]

[Image: D7W32lN.jpg]

(16-02-2019, 01:55 AM)Kip Wrote:
  • A player who disconnects from a server and rejoins it (DC/crash) will be eligible for resurrection.

Definitely one of my favourite changes, this will be life-saving and avoid a lot of frustration. Thanks for the efforts!
Really nice update but still I have to ask, who in gods name did ever complained about the normal troops you have nerfed? They were perfectly fine imo or atleast not worth changing them. The only wave which is overpowered for normal mode and still is since you did nothing about it is wave 9.
Again this is not a big criticism since you did a really good job on this update but I still wanted to mention it.
Some things i guess you misted.

Battle Honed Dragon Axe - 66c

Battle Honed Swadia's Wrath - 54p / Think normal Swadia's Wrath would be bugged to

Blessed Mjolnir - 12w

Battle Hardened Defender Armour - More Damage Reduction than normal

Upgraded Shields - Should lose weight if it has nothing to do with how tuff they are (Given sok is 0.5 i don't think so)

Upgraded Throwing- I've said this before Daggers get more ammo and other buffs that the others don't.

Battle Hardened Defender Gauntlets/Battle Hardened Defender Helmet/other armour for tank classes should give some % of Damage Reduction.

The buff could be e.g. 40% of the buff to the body armour 30% to helm 20% gloves and 10% to boots.

Make a model of gloves and boots that are 16 armour and 35 armour and are locked to Halb/Ranger

Aso on the topic of bots can you make Wraiths and assassins (daggers) harder on Cav? Atm its a joke how slow they are.

I've had this link for some time now as it was posted back in 2012

[Image: zKBwO.jpg]

Once again thanks for the work the devs have put in this year.
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The Royal Huscals have invisible swords, nice.
[Image: lxoav4H.png]
(16-02-2019, 06:49 AM)Stockfisch Wrote: The Royal Huscals have invisible swords, nice.

thanks, fixed
if you have problem of the model variety send it to winter xen winter me winter me xen because it'll piss him off
Thank you for the update.
Uuuih interesting, thanks alot!
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