Goodbye Christmas and behind the scenes updates
(31-01-2021, 11:32 PM)Kriegstofu Wrote: I remember Terath once mentioning the possibilty of adding green health bars to certain melee orientated ranged heroes (Sentinel, Sentry, Aventurier) when in melee mode. Has this idea been scrapped or is it still on the list? (of things to do/already done)

I'd need to ask him - I don't see this on the dev site.

(31-01-2021, 11:32 PM)Kriegstofu Wrote: "should allow for some more flexibility" - This means easier updating process as in fractionalized updates? (e.g. only some textures in this update, some other stuff in the next etc.)

That's not the focus of this backend change. Hopefully the resultant of this change will be apparent soon though. 

Mostly I am announcing this as I want people to be aware that things are happening, even if they don't see them. I do love the guessing game though.

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