1.11.6 Client Release
Posted by: Kip - 18-02-2019, 02:39 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (17)

We have a small patch to sort out a few bugs introduced in 1.11.5.

  • Completed the rename of Nord Mounted Battle Hardened Huscarl to Warborn Huscarl.
  • Fixed the invisible Royal Huscarl sword.
  • Fixed the missing textures for Tracker Gloves and Steel Tower Shield.
  • Adjusted the Slayer Armour.
  • The escape menu no longer appears when cancelling the build preview.
  • Added an extra check to prevent clones from spawning in rare cases.
  • Changed the code that tracks which players are eligible for resurrection after a disconnect to prevent unexpected resurrections.

Please let us know if you still mange to get cloned or if you are resurrected without previously having spawned during that run.

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  1.11.5 Client Release
Posted by: Kip - 16-02-2019, 01:55 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (43)

Hello everyone,

This update is focused mostly on improving the new support system. More build points are available by default and the number scales on more populated servers. The process of building barricades has also been streamlined to make it faster and easier to position the barricades before you build them. Medics have also been updated with the ability to force the reload of healing charges and now receive a 10% self-heal. Beyond support changes, we also have some rebalancing of enemies, item changes, scene updates, and the ability to resurrect players who have lost connection to the server and rejoined within the same run.

Engineering changes:

  • Players who spawn a barrel gain access to the build menu.
  • After choosing a barricade from the build menu, the player enters a building mode with a preview of the barricade.
    • Hold the standard interaction key to build when you have it positioned the way you want it.
    • Press escape to cancel the build.
  • The number of build points available has been increased.
    • The base number of build points per wave has been increased from 6 to 8.
    • For every player on the server past the first eight, another build point is earned each wave.
  • All platforms no longer cost build points and have had their HP reduced by 50%.

Medic changes:
  • The cooldown between heals has been reduced from 2.5 seconds to 2.
  • The player who heals now receives 10% reflective healing.
  • A player who disconnects from a server and rejoins it (DC/crash) will be eligible for resurrection.
  • Holding the medic ability button for 1.5 seconds will set the quantity to 0 and trigger the 15 second reload timer.

General changes:
  • The welcome message has been updated.
  • A private message is now displayed upon spawning which explains how to access the build menu/medic ability. This should make it easier for new players.
  • The scoreboard has an E or M prefixed to each player with an Engineer or Medic class.

Item changes:
  • Battle Honed Pride: weight -0.25 (0.25), standard swing +2 (73), alt swing +2 (63), thrust +2 (63)
  • Cursed Dead Shot: thrust -5 (210)
  • Dead Shot: thrust -5 (195)
  • Dragon Axe: swing +1 (61)
  • Pride: weight -0.5 (0.5), standard swing +2 (68), alt swing +1 (58), thrust +1 (58)
  • Reinforced Halfplate: replaced by Slayer Armour
  • Slayer set: new house craftable Juggernaut armour
  • Steel Tower Shield: new craftable pavise shield
  • Sun Pike: renamed to Sun Glaive
  • Tracker Gloves: new
  • Twigs of Yggdrasil: remodelled

Scene changes:
  • Ancient Bastion: filled some gaps under the Swadian defences
  • King's Castleyard: reinforced gatehouse barriers
  • Nordic Village: grounded some floating props
  • Praven: ai mesh
  • Swadian Old Village: ai mesh
  • Yalen Retreat: slightly shifted the Nord spawns

Troop changes:
  • Standardized all troop names containing Sergeant and Berserker.
  • Normal mode:
    • Nord Berserkers hit a little less hard.
    • Mercenary Sea Raiders have lost their helmet.
    • Hungry Zhugs and Crazed Blademasters are weaker.
  • Hard mode:
    • Wolf Clan Conscripts are stronger and more accurate.
    • Fimbulwinter Warriors are stronger.
    • Queen's Guard are a little weaker.
    • Royal Vanguard Huscarls are stronger.
    • Many other Hard mode troops have had minor adjustments.
  • Ragnarok mode:
    • Changed Loke's name to Loki.
    • Followers of Vanagandr now wield pikes.
    • Followers of Hati continue to use their sword and shield.
    • Followers of Skoll now wield great axes.
    • All followers should be a little less hard to kill.
    • Fire Jotnes are now stronger and tougher.
    • Wolf Clan Warriors are now stronger and more accurate.
  • Cavalry mode:
    • Queen Lagertha and Field Marshall Roghvatr's shields have had their health halved.
    • Nord Mounted Battle Hardened Huscarls have been renamed to Warborn Huscarls.
    • Kveld-Ulfrs, Warborn Huscarls, and Warborn Shieldmaiden's shields have had their health cut by two thirds.
    • Kveld-Ulfrs' spears have become pikes.
    • Ulfhednar's throwing axes are a little more dangerous.
    • Gunnar's bow is a little more dangerous.
    • Both Ulfhednars and Kveld-Ulfrs' stats should be a little bit lower (they are still just as fast).
    • Wave 9 boss minions are a little bit stronger.

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  Happy valentines day!
Posted by: Kaasovic - 15-02-2019, 07:39 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (14)

We hope you all had a great valentines day and celebrated it with your loved ones.
Because valentines day is all about being together, material drops will come in pairs this weekend.

The event starts at the time of this post and will last till Sunday evening.


The NordInvasion team.

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  Legendary Upgrades - February 2019
Posted by: Kip - 06-02-2019, 01:41 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (2)

The legendary upgrade blueprints for February have been set.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  2018 Recap and Upcoming Plans
Posted by: Kip - 07-01-2019, 06:59 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (44)

Hello everyone!

Many changes and new features were brought about to NordInvasion in 2018. There were several major overhauls including cavalry mode, item stats, quest requirements and rewards, the launcher/updater, and even the formula used to calculate loot chances. We also introduced quality-of-life features such as the weapon mode indicator, skipping prep time, and a much more polished mini-map. In 2019, there are more changes already in the works. Here are some of the short-term plans...

One of the more recent features introduced last year was the reworked support system which admittedly is still quite rough around the edges - particularly the engineering menu. I believe it can be refined to keep the essence of the new system - selecting barricades to build from the menu without having to hold them - while still allowing flexible placement. The rough idea is that instead of placing a construction site when you select a barricade, you will be put in a building mode allowing you to position the barricade preview before placing anything and construct from the preview. We'll also review the number of build points made available.

A feature that was tested last year but got cut due to inconsistency is the option to vote for the next map at the end of each round. It is still a work in progress because trying to add this feature highlighted some areas of our code that need to be rewritten before we can add features that rely on them. It is a significant chunk of code so this will take some time but the voting feature has not been abandoned.

The NI launcher/updater is also getting a redesigned options screen. Rather than directly entering and editing installation paths in the grid, the new system will have a simple list of entries which when edited, will open a form with clearly labelled inputs. This should make it much easier for new players to get the mod installed.

It has been a while since donations were brought up but from time to time, they need to be discussed. The AU servers have not received support for several months now. I have covered January but without community support, AU will be dropped at the start of February. EU and NA have also had a lack of donations recently so if you have been considering a donation, it would be very much appreciated. As a recap, the monthly costs for each region are approximately 25 USD for AU, 60 USD for NA, and 50 EUR for EU. The donation page can be found here.

- The NI Team

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  Legendary Upgrades - January 2019
Posted by: Kip - 04-01-2019, 02:58 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (4)

The January legendary upgrade selection is up.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  Christmas 2018
Posted by: Kip - 24-12-2018, 08:04 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (15)

Hello everyone,

The Christmas servers are back with the Nords using some festive gear, snowy scenes, and a new Christmas Fortress to defend.

In addition, double xp is in effect across all servers!

The event will continue through New Year's Day.

Merry Christmas!
- The NI Team

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  1.11.4 Client Release
Posted by: Kip - 24-12-2018, 02:26 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (6)

Item Stats:

  • Battle Hardened Tower Shield: weight -2 (0.5)
  • Blessed Phoenix Shield: weight -1 (1)
  • Blessed Shield of Kings: weight -2 (0.5)
  • Battle Honed Dragon Breath (melee): speed -2 (91), thrust 54p to 42b, one-handed animation
  • Cursed Rupterer (melee): speed +2 (95), thrust 58p to 48b, one-handed animation

Scene Updates:
  • Forest Outpost: ground texture
  • Forgotten Bay: bot spawn moved, player camp adjusted
  • King's Reach: bot spawn removed, player camp adjusted
  • Praven: bot spawn added, player camp expanded
  • Swadian Lighthouse: bot spawn moved closer
  • Yalen Retreat: ai pathing

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