1.6.2 Client Release
Posted by: Terath - 19-08-2017, 04:54 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (21)

Hello, fellow Swadians!

This patch brings new model and texture replacements for otherwise lacking items, some balance changes to a select few items, map updates and fixes, and other various (although important) changes.  Probably the most notable one is the Wall Barricade hit point change.

Wall Barricades have had so many hit points, they have gradually been replacing shielders entirely in runs instead of assisting them. By dropping the hp of Wall Barricades, we hope to encourage the use of shielders once again. To compensate for the lower hp, Thor's Mjolnir AoE against barricades has also been dropped.  This means Thor should not really pose a bigger threat than before but normal Nords will. This might be tuned further once we see how the changes effect real runs.

1.6.2 Client Release

  • New Items
    • Iron Helmet: added to the marketplace for tier 1 archers.
    • Helmet with Coif: added to the marketplace for tier 2 archers.
    • Nasal Helmet with Coif: added to the marketplace for tier 3 archers.
  • Item Stats
    • Dwarf Axe: +2 cut, +3 weight, -4 speed.
    • Eastern Greaves: +2 leg armor to match boots of same value.
    • Eastern Full Scale: +1 body, +1 leg, -1 weight.
    • Steel Estoc: -2 speed. Alternate mode: +1 speed.
    • Elegant Estoc: -2 speed. Alternate mode: -2 speed.
    • Mjolnir: -3 speed in one-handed mode.
    • Wall Barricade: 3,200 hit points (was 4,200).
    • Thor's Mjolnir: Dropped the max AoE damage against barricades a bit to compensate for the lower HP.
    • Added 15% damage reduction to Juggernaut body armor. This only applies to the body armor, and not the class Juggernaut.
  • Item Models, Textures, etc.
    • Zephyr: new model and texture.
    • Ailadrodd: new model and texture.
    • Leviathan's Guard: new model and renamed to "Gilded Bear Armor".
    • Leviathan's Hide: renamed to "Levianthan's Guard" and takes the old model.
    • Griffon Bascinet: texture edits.
    • Phoenix Shield: texture edits.
    • Visored Sallet: changed back to its old model with a few minor texture edits.
    • Heavy Sallet: model replaced with the Visored Sallet's model to match the armor set.
    • Sarranid Veiled Helm: new model.
    • Spiked Cap: new model.
    • Spiked Helmet: new model and renamed to "Nasal Helmet with Facemask".
    • Guard Helmet: new model.
    • Fiendish Bow: fixed a minor bug the bowstring - it should now be properly held in the hand.
    • Eastern Repeater Crossbow: renamed to "Heavy Repeater Crossbow".
  • Map Updates
    • Caravan Ambush [more modifications to the bot spawn]
    • Fortress Under Siege [prevent escaping from the player area]
    • Hande's Retreat [adjustments to the AI mesh around some stairs]
    • Hidden Farm [prevent players from spawning stuck]
    • Keancuop Forest [prevent Nords from falling off stairs]
    • Kings Castleyard [prevent jumping into the water]
    • King of the Hill [made stairs easier to climb]
    • Swadian Folly [prevent players from getting stuck]
    • Swadian Town [prevent Nords from falling off stairs]
  • Added a chat filter to prevent images from appearing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents support items from dropping correctly on death if you were interrupted while deploying them and died without them in your hand.
  • Removed broken translator files which were actually copies of Turkish.

A big thanks (and Contributor tag) to Disco for all his help with textures!

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  Teamspeak Server Changes
Posted by: Naozumi - 19-07-2017, 11:24 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

Hi all, 

Another day and another Teamspeak server change. Hopefully this one will go unnoticed however! 

We have updated our Teamspeak server to the latest version, as we regularly do, but have made a few other changes behind the scenes at the same time. 

We don't expect to see any issues as a result of these changes but if you notice anything unusual then please let us know in the usual way. 

Otherwise, happy gaming! 

/Nao & the NI Team

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  Community Outreach
Posted by: Kip - 21-05-2017, 07:32 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (67)

Hello everyone!

It has been over two years since our last community outreach message but it is once again time to ask for support.

Our monthly expenses are primarily for the EU and NA server boxes. These two machines are responsible for hosting all the NA and EU servers in addition to the website. The European server costs approximately 50 EUR (43 GBP) per month and the North American server costs approximately 50 EUR (56 USD) per month.

Since splitting the AU servers off to a separate account, they have been supported entirely by donations specifically for them. Keep up the good work! The cost of the two AU servers is currently 30 EUR (46 AUD) per month. (Starting August 1st, there will be an additional 10% tax making that 33 EUR / 50 AUD per month.)

For a peek at what is coming next, we have two main priorities for future releases. One is continuing work on cavalry mode which is still rough around the edges. The other is a major rewrite of how the website works behind the scenes. This rewrite is already underway and will allow for features such as the long-desired "unified inventory" across all the characters on your account. It is still too early for an ETA on either of these projects but we are looking forward to releasing them!

Thank you to everyone who has supported NordInvasion over the years. We will continue moving NordInvasion forward as long as we have servers to run it on. Donation links can be found on our Help NI page. Make sure to follow the instructions for whichever region you donate to so that we can give you access to the donator perks!

Thank you,
The NordInvasion Team

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  1.6.1 Client Release
Posted by: Kip - 15-05-2017, 03:23 AM - Forum: News & Updates - No Replies

1.6.1 Client Release

This is a quick update to fix the Griffon Bascinett and Repeater Crossbow which were missing textures.
The Griffon Bascinett also no longer floats in front of you.

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  1.6.0 Client Release
Posted by: Winter - 15-05-2017, 01:51 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (78)

Good news everyone!

As always, the great Swadian nation has been constantly working to improve our tactics and strengthen our men.  There are now four new training options for hero classes: Juggernaut, Hoplite, Repeaterman, and Sentry.  Each new hero class has at least one item of each tier: marketplace, personal crafting, house crafting, and legendary.  There have been so many legendary items added in recent patches that I've lost count of how many you have left to find.  Good luck!

Because existing items were moved to Juggernaut and Repeaterman, every character with a commando or crossbow hero class has been granted a "hero token".  This token can be used to exchange your current hero class with another in the same tree at no cost.  If you wish to change trees entirely, you may perform a normal character respec and the token will allow you to unlock any hero class with no gold cost (the normal xp requirements still apply).  You can view your hero tokens on the settings page of eligible characters.

Better strength training has also been incorporated into the training regiment, particularly wrist exercises.  Soldiers can now use the one handed mode of their bastard weapons far more effectively.  Even the powerful Mjolnir can, with great strength, be wielded in a single hand.  Press X to swap between bastard and one handed mode (Mjolnir switches between two handed and one handed).

For better or for worse, the Grinder Helmets of old have been reprocessed into stronger, lighter bascinets for our soldiers.  Legionnaires can make use of these modified helmets.

Hero Classes:

Juggernaut: the blacksmiths have been hard at work creating stronger armors that push the limits of human endurance.  The result is impressive - full suits of heavy hardened steel plates that still allow the users to maintain their mobility.  This Hero has been trained not only to use such heavy armors, but also to better use infantry weapons in such an encumbering shell.

Hoplite: it has been made clear that some of the most feared weapons on the battlefield are those with some reach to them.  However, sometimes soldiers would prefer the safety of the shield.  Our answer are specialized one handed spears partnered with sturdy round shields that allow for superior versatility.  The Hoplite has access to specialized spears with high one handed speeds that can be used in two handed mode for a little more speed and power.  However, they cannot block in one handed mode, a shield is required.

Repeaterman: increased trade with the east has brought us great new technology.  Our repeater crossbows have been fine tuned to have greatly increased accuracy at the cost of taking longer to reload and having a slightly slower shooting speed.  Our crossbowmen required specialized training to properly use these powerful new machines of war.

Sentry: for some reason, our archers have always been partial to two handed swords.  Some may say it is all in the aesthetic, others say it just feels safe to have a large, sharp piece of metal on your back to ward off nasty assassins.  Either way, we have incorporated lessons from our two hand sword specialists to help train these soldiers to use their preferred melee weapons.  As an added bonus, lighter, faster swords have been developed that can also be switched into a second mode where soldiers can perform overhead stabs.

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  The First of April
Posted by: Kip - 01-04-2017, 08:03 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (20)

That time of year when shenanigans are to be expected is upon us.  For our part, we have brought back the random gear servers with NI_April_ servers which will run through April 9th.

EU1 and NA1 are normal mode while EU2 and NA2 are hard.  As before, any slot you leave empty will be filled with a random item for that slot type regardless of class requirements.

XP and gold rates for kills and assist are also 1.5 times higher for the week. I feel like we forgot Something but Nothing came to mind...


- Kip and the NI Team

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  Introducing Account Names
Posted by: Kip - 28-02-2017, 11:13 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (19)

Hello everyone,

Until now, your username has been one of your character names. Going forward, the username will be your account name.

Account names are being rolled out in stages starting with the oldest accounts created in 2011 which will have their chance first starting March 1st.  Two weeks after that, accounts created in 2012 will be able to set account names and so on.  This will wrap up with accounts created in 2017 and brand new accounts being registered for the first time.

Each group of accounts will have one week in which an account name can be set or the decision can be put off until later.  After that week, choosing an account name will be required to do anything on the website.  In other words, starting on March 8th, accounts created in 2011 must choose an account name with no option to put it off.  Accounts created in 2012 will lose the skip option on March 22nd and so on.

Each account name must be unique. The first time you set your account name, there is no fee. After that, renaming costs 5,000 gold.  The same restrictions and rules that apply to character names also apply to account names.

If someone has already chosen a name which obviously should be yours, you can file a request through the website to have that name assigned to you. This option is only available before you have set your account name for the first time.  After the request is made, you can choose an account name to serve you temporarily and as a backup in the event the request is denied. Please do not post requests on the forum.

Once your account name has been set, you will be unable to log into your account using one of your character names.  Instead, please use your new account name.

Besides serving as a username for signing in, your account name will eventually be used to identify you to other people on the website so choose wisely!

- Kip and the NI Team

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  Teamspeak Server Changes - Completed
Posted by: Naozumi - 21-02-2017, 11:04 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

The teamspeak server provided by NordInvasion is a great way to communicate with other players and has always been very popular. However as of late we have been made aware of some users who are having issues with our current host. As such, we will be changing the host for the server in a bid to improve the experience for our users.

How will this affect me?

In the next couple of days we will move to the new server. At this exact point the current name (ts3.nordinvasion.com) will be updated to the new IP. However as it can take a while for the DNS servers around the world to update you may find that you are not able to connect to the new server. To mitigate this there is a new name already pointing to the new server so that people don't get stuck waiting for the DNS to update.

What do I need to do?

At the chosen time, if you are online you will be disconnected. We will try to pick the quietest time and speak with anyone who is online but this may be tricky as its usually early morning GMT. If you then reconnect before your DNS is updated then you will join a very limited TS server that will have no voice, chat or channels. It will alert you that the server has moved and to use the new TS server name. We will do this so that you are fully aware of when the server moves. 

As such, when the server moves you will need to update your connection name with the new hostname. When you connect you will find all channels and permissions have migrated. Everything should behave as normal.

What is the new temporary name?

The temporary name is ts.nordinvasion.com. This name will only work once the new server goes live. If you dont often connect, or only connect at weekends you should find that you are not affected using the current name.

What if I have an issue?

Use the forum to get in touch and we will try help in any way we can.

How else can I be notified?

The completion of the move will be announced at the time on the forum here, on our Facebook page and via Twitter.

I have a question not answered here.

Feel free to reply and we will try answer any questions.

/Nao & The NI Team

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