1.9.1 Client Release
Posted by: Winter - 02-03-2018, 06:25 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (45)

Hello NI community,

This patch introduces some small fixes and adjustments along with some new scene props.

Item Changes:

  • Leather Overmail -8 weight, +7 leg
  • Gnezdovo/Nikolskoe/Black Sturmhaube/White Sturmhaube +2 weight
  • Heavy Sturmhaube +1 weight
  • Heraldic Transitional +2 armor, -3 weight
  • Siege Crossbow -30p, +2spd
  • Heavy Crossbow -30p, +4spd
  • Sarranid Crossbow +6spd
  • Gastraphetes +8spd
  • Training Crossbow -30p, +4spd
  • Mangler +5p (thrust)
  • All Estocs +7p
Other Changes:
  • Spectators should display correctly now.
  • Renamed Whalers of Ekki to Whaler of Ekki.
  • Adjusted the lengths of throwing so they embed in their target correctly.
  • Added new scene props including various stumps, boxes, and archways.

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  1.9.0 Client Release
Posted by: Winter - 01-03-2018, 02:24 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (44)

1.9.0 Client Release

Hello NI community,

This patch introduces a complete overhaul of item stats for personal crafted teal items and above.  The gaps between item tiers are more consistent and, in many cases, smaller.  This makes House Crafted items more competitive with legendary items, with the strongest Hero locked House Crafted items rivaling even orange Legendary items.  In addition, personal crafted items will no longer feel useless compared to House Crafted items.  Stats that are often overlooked such as weight have also received major adjustments this patch, with many weight progression paths now following a downward trend starting at the personal crafted tiers.  Marketplace and green crafted items will receive attention at a later date.

Throwing Weapons:
Throwing weapons are now separated into three types: spears, axes, and daggers.  Each type has drastically different stats than the other: spears are slow, precise, armor and shield piercing, and highly damaging; axes are quicker to throw, a little less precise, don't fly as far, and very powerful against enemies that do not have heavy armor; throwing daggers are precise and very fast to throw, but they don't stay in the air very long.  This adds greater variety to the playstyles throwing classes have available.  Legionnaire can now use Twigs of Yggdrasil.  Also, due to popular demand, blunt one handed mode has returned to throwing spears!

Other Ranged Weapons:
Crossbows and especially bows have had their missile speed decreased.  This should not have much of an effect on most scenarios, but helps keep ranged players from being able to snipe out far away bots too easily.  Crossbows now all have the ability to penetrate shields, bonus damage against shields, and 20% armor negation.

House Crafted Items:
Players who have elected to use a damage oriented Hero Class such as Warden, Marauder, Zweihander or Master Peltast will now find that their class's House Crafted weapon of choice now has stats very similar to their respective orange Legendary counterparts.  Many House Crafted armors have also received considerable boosts to complement the recent additions to Ironflesh.  This emphasizes the importance of Hero Class selection and gives players an extra boost to pursue the playstyle that best suits them. 

The stats of Hoplite shields and polearms have been reworked to make the class progression less steep so it doesn't feel the class is useless until you can manage to get a Vigilance or Elegy, two legendary items that most will have a difficult time getting a hold of.

Bastard Weapons:
Bastard weapons should all have a secondary mode now and have had their primary mode set to not allow the drawing of a shield.  This will keep players from accidentally using the weapons with a shield in two handed mode and should make swapping a smoother transition - just swap weapon mode and your shield should come out or be put away automatically!

Melee Weapons:
Melee weapons have all been measured very carefully with a very accurate ruler and their in game lengths have been changed to correctly reflect this.  Stats have been adjusted accordingly.

Awakened Legendary Items:
The gods bicker about whose gifts to the Swadians are greatest and war has broken out amongst them.  Appeal to their vanity and create offerings suited to their nature, or turn away from such fickle beings altogether and rely on your own skills.  New recipes are available in Support House Crafting along with the next round of upgrade recipes.  This month's rotation will be removed at 11:59 EST (~2 and a half hours from now).

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  Forum Updates
Posted by: Naozumi - 20-02-2018, 10:13 PM - Forum: News & Updates - No Replies

Hello all,

As you may have noticed, we have been making some changes to the forum.  The biggest change you might have noticed was that the profile layout changed to horizontal.  Sadly, this was infact an error on my part which should now be resolved (sorry).  The biggest changes that were intentional, however, are:

  • The forum is now available over SSL.
  • Embedded images and videos from non-ssl websites have been replaced by links.
What this means is that accessing everything is much more secure.  This has been quite a while in coming and I am glad to see this completed.  As such, we can say that all NI websites are now using https rather than http.

There are a few side affects which will affect certain users:
  • Remote avatars that were not https have been reset.
  • Signatures and posts with images not over https will need to be updated.  This might be as simple as replacing the http with https depending on the image host.
  • We have mass-updated posts and signatures that used some common hosts that support https.
In addition, there will be some more behind-the-scenes changes coming up that will result in some downtime but we will try and keep them to a minimum.

There shouldn't be any other issues but if you find anything then do let us know here and we will do our best to resolve it.

/Nao and the NI Team

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  Quest Overhaul
Posted by: Winter - 16-02-2018, 05:20 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (20)

Hello NI community,

For a long time now, quests have typically felt underwhelming or overly rewarding.  The Developer team has taken all of the quests into careful consideration and has redone the rewards, cleaned up grammar mistakes in the text, added missing bots/removed old bots, rebalanced quest requirements, and in many cases drastically changed the rewards offered.  The goal was to move away from quests that focus on sniping different bosses for huge rewards and towards quests that require larger numbers of various other enemies.  Quest refresh timers are also now based on when you accept the quest rather than when you finish it, so if it takes you 30 days to complete Angriff! Angriff! you won't have to wait any additional time to accept it again.  This keeps quests limited in how often they can be accepted without making characters that have already completed these quests have an additional long cooldown period on quests that already take a long time to complete.

Legacy of a Hero and Prime Slayer in particular had large decreases in the amount of gold rewarded.  Do not worry, however, as characters who are already working on Legacy of a Hero will receive the old reward and characters currently working on Prime Slayer will receive 250k and 2 Scales of Fafnir.  Any subsequent completions of Prime Slayer will have the new reward.

Along with changes to the old quests, 12 new quests have been added: Gotcha, Bloody Bastards!, Can't Hit a Moving Target II, Collecting Heads II, Collecting Heads III, In it for the Long Haul III, Prince Slayer, King Slayer, God Slayer, Defender of Swadia, Defender of Calradia, Defender of Midgard, and Rise From the Ashes.

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  1.8.3 Client Release
Posted by: Winter - 13-02-2018, 05:19 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (9)

Hello NI community,

This patch introduces some small fixes and adjustments, as well as properly updating all of the maps that were supposed to change last patch.

Item Changes:

  • Tiger Scale -2 armor properly
  • Blessed Penetrator +5p, +2spd, +2 missile spd

Website Changes:
  • Added the option to abbreviate xp messages to the website.  (Extras > Settings > XP Message Length)

Previous Releases:

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  1.8.2 Client Release
Posted by: Winter - 11-02-2018, 05:48 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (65)

Hello NI community,

This patch adds some small errors in item stat continuity and prepared for the rest of the future rotations.  Many throwing spears that previously used 1h animations have been adjusted to be used as small polearms instead.  In addition, the tank type hero classes are slightly stronger: Halberdier and Ranger +2 Ironflesh, Royal Guard +1 Ironflesh.

Model Changes:

  • Dragon Axe positioning edited
Item Changes:
  • Dragon Breath, Twigs of Yggdrasil, and Rupturers now have polearm animations and stats when in melee mode
  • Volundr Greatsword -1spd, -1c
  • Ancient Greatsword +4spd, -1c
  • Eastern Full Scale -3 armor, -2 leg
  • Tiger Scale -2 armor, -2 leg
  • Brigadine Black/Red/Heraldic -2 armor
  • Black Armour +1 weight
  • Checkered Heavy Lamellar -2 armor, -1 leg
  • Mangler -5p
  • Ailadrodd -2spd, -5 accuracy
  • Swadian Heater Shield +50hp, recipe adjusted to match Royal Shield
  • Dead Shot +5 accuracy
  • Tempest +10 accuracy
  • Typhoon +10 accuracy
  • Very Heavy Throwing Axe now draws correctly from the left hip when in melee mode
  • Tiger Scale Armour and Gold Lamellar Armour now useable by both Master Peltast and Marauder
  • Dragon Axe and Battle Honed Dragon Axe +6 length
  • Battle Honed Aurora Blade changed to Blessed Aurora Blade
  • Blessed Aurora Blade +1spd, +1c, +4p
  • Blessed Aurora Blade Secondary Mode +5spd, -3c
  • Battle Honed Sun Pike changed to Cursed Sun Pike
  • Blessed Twigs of Yggdrasil +1p
  • Blessed Penetrator -10p, +2spd
  • Blessed Mjolnir Secondary Mode +3spd, -2b
  • Battle Hardened Studded Gauntlets changed to Cursed Studded Gauntlets
  • Cursed Studded Gauntlets -.25 weight
  • Battle Hardened Valsgarde -.5 weight
  • Battle Hardened Gothic Plate changed to Blessed Gothic Plate
  • Battle Honed Dragon Axe -2c, +2spd
Map Updates:
  • Beach Assault (stable adjustments)
  • Kattegat (fixed aesthetic bugs)
  • Nordic Fortress (removed horse troughs and added a surgeon table)
  • River's Conflict (added a surgeon table)
  • Royal Observatory (fixed aesthetic bugs)
  • Senuzgda Cavern (shifted a player spawn)
  • Swadian Citadel (fixed aesthetic bugs)
  • Swadian Temple (adjusted AI mesh)
  • Unuzdaq Castle (the snow has melted)

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  1.8.1 Client Release
Posted by: Winter - 03-02-2018, 04:15 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (3)

Hello NI community,

This patch we have fixed a few bugs, changed some item stats, adjusted some of the Awakened Legendary items, and prepared for future rotations.  In addition, Juggernauts were made a bit more tanky: +5 Ironflesh and -2 Athletics.

Model Changes:

  • Jormungandr length edited to better represent weapon reach
  • Edited Noble Steel Gauntlets texture
  • Edited Defender set textures

Item Changes:
  • Valsgarde -.25 weight
  • Black Arrows +1p
  • Zephyr +2p
  • Battle Hardened Gothic -12 weight
  • Battle Hardened Valsgarde -1 weight
  • Raging Tempest -3p, +2spd, +1 missile spd
  • Blessed Mjolnir -2b, +3spd
  • Blessed Penetrator +5p

Map Updates:
  • Offshore (removed unreachable restoration props)
  • Swadian Citadel (fixed a visual rug glitch + fixed a player spawn bug)

Other Changes:
  • The surgeon table can no longer launch you across the map.
  • Using a surgeon table during spawn wave prep no longer prevents you from respawning items.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the empty repeater clip button to refund too many bolts in certain situations.
  • Warborn Shieldmaidens are able to stab with their lances.
  • Updated the house banners.

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  1.8.0 Client Release
Posted by: Winter - 29-01-2018, 04:34 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (45)

1.8.0 client release

Hello NI community,

In this update we are taking massive steps to improve the NI economy and trading experience, adding many quality of life features, and preparing for future updates.

First off, the loot system has been completely remade.  The new system has a significantly more even distribution and does not nerf the experience or loot chance of smaller teams; having fewer bots already does this sufficiently.  In the new system, your individual loot rate will be the same for every bot of each type you kill: the size of your team, number of people alive, and other factors will not change the chance of you looting.  Having more people on your team will only increase your chance of getting loot by increasing the number of bots per wave.  This new system will also give you far more loot per run, balanced out towards demand.  You will (hopefully) not be looting 5 Wood of Glasir for every 1 Small Lump of Lead anymore.  Although the new loot system is implemented on all servers, only Normal, Hard, and Ragnarok have had their drop tables significantly altered.

The drop table itself has also seen a significant overhaul, separating the materials out between the modes based on tier.  For example, plants will be best found on Normal mode and will never be seen on Ragnarok, whereas Hardened Metal will be plentiful on Hard mode, but will have a low chance of dropping on Ragnarok.  This is to encourage players to play different modes and trade materials between each other to get everything they need to craft new items.  In addition to this, legendary items have been spread out so that each one drops from only one Nord (other than the Valsgarde... its special Wink) and many more mixed and challenge wave Nords are capable of dropping legendary items.  The legendary items have also been organized by mode, so you won't be finding a Tempest from Prince or a Dragon Axe from Odin.

Next, a new item tier has been added - Awakened Legendary items.  Recipes used to upgrade your legendary items are now available at the highest levels of House Crafting.  These recipes allow you to salvage or sacrifice old items to the gods in order to upgrade your legendary to reach its full potential.  These recipes will only be available for a month at a time before the supplies run short and the gods change their desires.  It is possible that future iterations of the same item may have different recipes.  These items are not meant for everyone to be able to obtain, nor are they something people are supposed to amass.  They are for the few people that want to upgrade specific legendary items they have grown attached to.

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