Chinese Servers (CN) 中国服务器 + Thread Takeovers
Posted by: Xen - 13-09-2019, 04:43 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (3)

Hello everyone,

As many of you might have already noticed, we now have Chinese servers with each difficulty available (Beginner, Normal, Hard, Ragnarok, and Cavalry). These servers are located in Shanghai, CN, and will be 100% funded by donations. If funding fall short for these servers, they will end up closing until a donation is made to bring them back.

All the usual NI rules still apply to these servers with the exception that both English and Chinese may be used. A translation of the rules has been written and is still being refined.

As a reminder:
- Our EU, NA, and AU servers still require chat to be in English.
- If an admin joins a CN server speaking English, please try to respond in English if possible.
- There are a lot of new players on these servers so as always, please try to guide them and not flame them for not understanding something.
- If there are any issues with the servers, please let us know.
- For now, house events run on the CN servers will take the place of either the Beginner or Cavalry server.

If you have any questions, please respond here.

Thanks! (and special thanks to Aslan for supporting the Chinese community with his donations)

If you anyone wants to take over a community thread, please contact me with the URL of the thread you'd like to bring back to life (it has to be inactive) and the reason why you fit the job and we'll swap the owners over.

Feel free to contact Aslan for any help with Chinese servers and if you need help with Chinese translations.

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  Legendary Upgrades - September 2019
Posted by: Kip - 01-09-2019, 09:07 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (5)

Once again, the Legendary upgrade blueprints have cycled with September's collection now up.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  Legendary Upgrades - August 2019
Posted by: Kip - 01-08-2019, 04:40 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (10)

Another batch of Legendary upgrade blueprints have been made available for for August.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  1.11.8 Client Release
Posted by: Kip - 15-07-2019, 01:02 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (8)

1.11.8 Client Release

This patch should take care of a number of issued found in 1.11.7.

  • Fixed problems with the resurrection tome not working correctly.
  • Fixed some assassin configurations for the Ragnarok Challenge event.
  • Switched Warden's Arrows to the correct model.
  • Updated Battle Hardened Ornate Scale Armour to match the name and model of its un-upgraded version.
  • Scene updates.
    • Trader's Valley: terrain fixes
    • Port Assault: removed an item

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  1.11.7 Client Release
Posted by: Kip - 13-07-2019, 03:28 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (32)

1.11.7 Client Release

Hello everyone,

We have a fine collection of new models, items, scene props, and all around bug fixes available.  We are also continuing our attempt to find a good balance for the number of build points available.  With this patch, we are trying out a flat 10 build points per wave (150 total).  The system has been adjusted to make fine tuning this number possible without needing more patches so depending on how runs go, this number might continue to change.  Finally, we have a new scene by Coconut being added to the rotation - Ruins of Asgad.  The full details are in the next post.


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  Forum Rules Update
Posted by: Xen - 10-07-2019, 10:02 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

Hello all,

We've recently updated the rules to help discourage posting on old/inactive/outdated posts (aka necro-posting) as this can cause confusion for some members. Sometimes it's better to create a new post instead of reviving one that may have irrelevant information.

Some may ask, what is considered as a 'necro-posting'?
Well, anything after 18 months is more likely to be outdated enough to contain information that is now irrelevant and may confuse yourself or others.

The new rule along with others can be found on our wiki page located here.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM or post below.

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  Legendary Upgrades - July 2019
Posted by: Kip - 01-07-2019, 04:39 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (12)

Legendary upgrade recipes for July are up now.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  NA Server Favorites
Posted by: Kip - 28-06-2019, 04:12 AM - Forum: News & Updates - No Replies

Hello everyone,

After some unscheduled maintenance that took much longer than expected to complete, the NA servers are back! Their IP addresses have changed, however, so you'll need to update your favorites list. There are still a few more adjustments we need to make but they should be playable. Please let us know if you run into any rubber-banding.


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