Titans' Circle [Selective Recruiting|EU|50+]
Titans' Circle

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Gaze upon the Titans' Circle.
We are a chosen group of elite knights dedicated to ambushing and destroying nord forces.
Making use of advanced strategic approaches, we aim to claim our advantage on the battlefield, striving for gold and loot.

What this means for you: We will do full cading events on a regular basis in an attempt to speed up the process and complete runs with greater ease.

The House's and Members' Loots:
13/05/18 - DREADED WAR PICK for Ramos (public run)
26/06/18 - SEVERANCE for Baldwin/Jesse (public run)
29/06/18 - FELL EDGE for Ramos (house event)
08/07/18 - MANGLER for Noname (house event)
09/07/18 - STUDDED GAUNTLETS for Pearse (public run)
11/07/18 - DRAGON HALBERD  for Joren (public run)
13/07/18 - SEVERANCE for Noname (public run)
05/08/18 - DRAGON HALBERD for Ramos (house event)
10/08/18 - VALSGARDE HELMET for Forward (official event)
13/08/18 - ILLUSTRIOUS for Forward (public run)
15/08/18 - DARK GOTHIC PLATE for Forward (public run)
21/08/18 - HERALDIC PLATE for Noname (public run)
23/08/18 - RAGNAR'S WRATH for Larry (public run)
23/08/18 - TYPHOON for Tyranus (house event)
26/08/18 - HEAVY SALLET for Jesse (house event)
26/08/18 - ELEGY for Joren (house event)
30/08/18 - GODWOOD LANCE for Forward (public run)
03/09/18 - EASTERN FULL SCALE for Ken (public run, I was there ;-; )
11/09/18 - DEFENDER ARMOUR for Forward (public run)
13/09/18 - SUN PIKE for Blackblade (public run)
13/09/18 - DWARF AXE for Never (public run)
14/09/18 - IMPERIAL HALFPLATE - RED for Jaeger (public run)
23/09/18 - HURRICANE for Jaeger (public? run)
30/09/18 - ZEPHYR for Ramos (house event)
01/10/18 - VIGILANCE for Noname (public run)
06/08/19 - BARBUTTE WITH COIF for Jesse (public run)
17/08/19 - MOTIFIER for Jesse (public run)

What we require of you to join:

Ingame name(s):
Ranged class(es):
Support item(s): [SHC or medic equivalent is MINIMUM]
Steam profile:
TS3 + mic available:
Your motivation to join us:

The use of the house banner is mandatory.
The use of tags is optional.

Join our Discord!

Event times:
- 18:00 GMT = 19:00 BST = 20:00 CEST
- twice weekly at Sunday and Tuesday OR Thursday (depending on attendance)

Noname - Leader and co-founder 
Ramos_Caoliki - Captain and co-founder
Baldwin/Jesse - Captain and co-founder
Forward - Sergeant
Thaffy - Sergeant
Joren - Sergeant
derJaeger - Soldier

TC_Thaffy_Warden - TC_Thaffy_RoyalGuard - TC_Thaffy_Repeaterman - TC_Thaffy_MasterPeltast - TC_Thaffy_Legionnaire
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Gl noname.

Goood luck.
lu ck
viel glück Big Grin
Legendary Loots: 44

Steam: Faravin | Playershop
Good luck
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good luck
15.09.2017 Leviathan`s Treads
22.10.2017 Worm Bane
23.12.2017 Gothic Plate
22.04.2018 Defender Boots
20.05.2018 Dragon Halberd
02.09.2018 Defender Boots

Give me your stuff Blame!
Good luck, the best jugg I've ever seen Big Grin
Join the Nords!

Chosen Marksman - Zweihander - Juggernaut - Hoplite

Loot: Old Boots, Crooked Stick, Bent Sword
Viel Glück Noname! Big Grin
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gud luck
Legendary Loots :
12.02.2017 Plate over Leather
4.03.2018   Defender Boots

"WS is full of scrubs like Thunder" Eyleen
"It was a hot day and i was annoyed " Lord Montagu 
"You can buy 2 Twigs for one Valsgarde" Managarm
"Banterin stop killing you are making my score look stupid" Qrvishion
"Wait arent you PCK? lol" VLKA_Julia

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