Client Release 0.4.3 - Tiger Style!!
Posted by: Conqueror_Worm - 25-06-2012, 06:34 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (105)

Hypernoma and Barristan has been working hard to bring you a new patch lately, I know you have all been anxious for some updates, so without delay here's the patch notes.

  • New Features
  • New awesome combat animations from Papa Lazarou's Combat Enhancement pack
  • New enemy troops have joined the Nord ranks! Donator's enemies have joined the fight!
  • Massive expansion in the coding to allow a far greater random chance in what waves you will face upon the field!
  • Nord troops have donned new outfits
  • Voulge should hopefully now give xp (it's very stubborn!)
  • Sharpshooter buff to crossbow to allow pinpoint accuracy at highest levels of legendary crossbows
  • Pikeman buff to throwing skillz!
  • Various item rebalancing, especially for throwing weapons
  • Tonnes of changes behind the scenes that will appear over the coming weeks!
  • Deployable ammunition box is faster to use
  • Banners were not updated in this patch. Please use the unofficial banner pack for now
  • More Rangers!!

Get the new patch here!

Please join us on the new official NordInvasion teamspeak server at

We are also taking this opportunity to recreate the house channels. This way we can clear out the inactive houses whose members no longer use their channels. Please contact MrGuarnere.

The NI Team

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  New US servers
Posted by: Hypernoma - 19-06-2012, 09:27 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (8)

Just a quick message to say we have new US servers running with Jest once more. Hopefully they will be lag free!


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  A Community message
Posted by: Hypernoma - 19-06-2012, 07:28 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (89)

Dear NI Community,

It is with regret that I am writing this. Running NI in 3 continents is very expensive and unfortunately the NI kitty is getting rather dry. We are running quite a few servers now and are in the process of moving US servers to sort out the latency issues. The sad news is at present, the NI account has enough money to last around one month more. One thing that has to be very clear is that we are not attempting to force anyone’s hand into donating to NI. As always, donating is entirely voluntary. It will however become very difficult for us to maintain the current service we are providing.

I ask that no one posts about re-installing private servers; this will not happen. As stated when we shut down private servers, a section of the NI community proved that they could not be trusted and they have unfortunately soured the experience for the rest of the community. Please do not PM about how your house can be trusted etc, we got those pm’s back in the past too.

I appreciate that we have not patched for a little while now but I assure you that a patch will be along soon; the month of Septober is nearly upon us. Today we entered Maljulember with the introduction of many more crafting recipes. The Dev team have been very busy of late with members starting new jobs, moving homes, finishing university degrees etc. We have been working on learning new coding stuff and actually getting our heads around the warband system. I can promise you that we are working on patching as I type this post!!

We don’t want to have to shut down NI as we all have fun working on it and expanding our knowledge and skill set, and despite. We hope that you guys have been having fun too and will continue to have fun as we work towards implementing our ideas and some of those those that have popped up along the way in the forums.

Much love as always,
Worm and family

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  Quest Updates
Posted by: Birdtalon - 24-05-2012, 10:04 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (10)

Greetings Swadians!

Thanks to the contributions of some of our generous donators who have contributed ideas as well as funds - we have added a few new quests for you to try out.

Keep your eyes on the quest notice boards and see them for yourself!

Happy Hunting.

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  Swadian Dueling Tournaments!
Posted by: Hande - 12-05-2012, 09:52 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (442)

Hey folks, it's time to have tournaments in our kingdom and leave Nords to eat their socks for while.
Plan is to have multiple tournaments with low level gear and weapons.
This means that even low level players have chance to win!

We will have 5 different tournaments and you can join to any of them.

One Handed Tournament: DONE

Two Handed Tournament:  DONE

Polearm Tournament: DONE

Archer Tournament: DONE

Crossbow Tournament: DONE

To join into tournament, you need to sign up first to this thread.
Use this application form:
[b]To what tournaments you want to join:[/b]

Sign up for 1H Tournament is closed
Sign up for Archer Tournament is closed
Sign up for Polearm Tournament is closed
Sign up for Crossbow Tournament is closed
Sign up for 2H tournament is closed
We will send you server and TS3 channel password day before event.
We have own tournament map so we don't need to duel in normal mod maps.
Also if you join to event with any gear that is not in equipment list, you can't join until you have right gear.

Reward is once again ONE legendary weapon that you can choose yourself from list.
Reward list is limited to that tournament melee type what you won.
Example: You win Polearm tournament, you can only select polearm.

Tournament Equipments:

Body armor:

Red Shirt
Red Tunic
Green Tunic
Blue Tunic
Foot Armor:

Ankle Boots
Head Armor:

Arming Cap

One handed Tournament weapon list:

Short Sword
Spiked Club
One Handed Axe
Iron Mace
Nordic Short Sword

Archery Tournament weapon list:

Short Bow

Crossbow Tournament weapon list:

Light Crossbow

Two Handed Tournament weapon list:

Two Handed Axe
Shortened Voulge
Heavy Practice Sword

Polearm Tournament weapon list:

Shortened Spear
Quarter Staff
Pitch Fork

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  Yarr! Map Updates!
Posted by: Hande - 05-05-2012, 07:46 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (377)

Hoy dear players, I have some news for you.

Now when private servers are dead and gone, we start to update old maps more often.
This means that you need to download them ingame when you are joining to server but it should not be problem at all.

Now as startings I have updated Swadian Village and Swadian City.
I hope you guys like them but don't mind if you are going to rage.
If there comes some problems, don't report about it to this thread, there is own section for map bugs.


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  Client Release 0.4.2 - They're here!
Posted by: Conqueror_Worm - 09-04-2012, 06:23 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (54)

Small patch again. Hardmode should be fixed now, enjoy!  Wink

  • All bows now have the same difficulty and weight, so accuracy is the same on all of them.
  • All arrows now have a weight of 1.
  • All bolts and crossbows also have a weight of 1.
  • Due to how crossbows work we are increasing crossbowmen wpf to let them have pinpoint accuracy on even the highest level crossbows, the spread goes on the damage of the crossbow.
  • Crossbow reload speed has decreased by a little bit to differentiate them more from archers, since crossbows have superior damage.
  • Infantry has received a bit more one-handed wpf.
  • More Rangers.

You can find the full download of the patch here or a small version update if you already have 0.4.1 here.

Worm and family

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  Item Colours
Posted by: Conqueror_Worm - 09-04-2012, 12:54 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (31)

I finally got around to fix the color coding on items, so they actually make some sense now!

  • Store bough crafting ingredients - Grey
  • Regular Crafting drops - Black
  • Rarer Crafting drops - Green
  • Store bought gear - Black
  • Crafted Gear - Green
  • Top quality crafted gear - Turquoise / Teal
  • Legendary drops - Orange
  • Final boss legendary drops - Purple

Let me know if I missed some.  Wink


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