Client Release: 0.4.6 - 'Nord Resurrection'
Posted by: Hypernoma - 11-12-2012, 10:32 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (49)

Hey community, It is time to release a new patch!

We have worked hard last week to get this released and it is finally done, enjoy!

  • Scene Contest II winner map - Offshore
  • Other new maps that need to be fixed before they can be in cycle - The First Defence, Traders Valley & Swadian Temple. Keep an eye out for these new maps in the coming weeks!
  • New animation for Polearm stabs
  • New legendary weapons- Negotiator, Assassin Glaive
  • New legendary armour - Heavy Sturmhaube
  • New craftable weapons - Vengeance, Sarissa, Head Crusher, Boarding Axe
  • New craftable armor - White Sturmhaube, Black Sturmhaube
  • Admin Chat,  please pay attention to any admins using this. Failure to do as reasonably requested by an admin will result in disciplinary action.
  • Temporary admin ban for game admins.
  • New scene prop - ni_portcullis & ni_winch_b
  • Res tome fixed
  • Barricades cause much less lag/crashing
  • Barricades no longer stick out of the ground
  • Onyx Bolts now has bonus against shields
  • Nord Skirmishers went to shopping, came back with a new look
  • FUS updated
  • Other small fixes to weapons and armours
  • Moar rangers!

We would also like to welcome Huscarlton Banks to the dev team. He has been working hard for this patch and I know we all appreciate his work. This does mean there shall be a new Aussie senior admin... Who shall it be...?

Get the new patch here!

Alternative download in .rar here

Alternative download in .7z (Smaller file) here

If you don't want to download whole module again, download this small patch here. (NOTE: If this don't work, download whole module again by using those other links)

The NI Family

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  Nord Invasion Bonus Weekend #3
Posted by: Barristan - 11-12-2012, 02:01 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (8)

Dear Community,

Back after popular demand, the Bonus Weekend.

Feel free to give us feedback about the event in the thread below.

The NI Family

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  NA/AUS Servers are back online
Posted by: Huscarlton Banks - 08-12-2012, 07:21 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (19)

Dear Community,

The following servers are now connected to the database server again.


The NI Family

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  Champions of Calradia, Exclusive Limited Alpha
Posted by: Jez - 11-11-2012, 09:42 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (89)

Hey NordInvasion Players, because you're awesome and play this fantastic mod we're giving you the chance to alpha test Champions of Calradia!

What is it? It's a competitive multiplayer mod that focuses around strategy and tactics. Similar to MOBA games such as DOTA and LoL, the aim of the game is to destroy the enemies trebuchet. For a full gameplay breakdown check the getting started guide on the Champs forum:

Whys it exclusive? We're using some newly developed technologies and before we can test exactly how well these scale with lots of players we need testers! There's a limited number of keys available for the mod and you guys get first access.

How do I get it? Grab your unique serial key at and then follow the installation instructions at

Once registered you'll have a forum account automatically generated where you can submit bug reports or interact with the community. There's also a temporary channel in the NI TeamSpeak for players who want better co-ordination in game!

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  New TS3 IP
Posted by: Hande - 29-10-2012, 01:43 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (9)

Hi guys.

We have now new TeamSpeak3 IP:
It don't have much channels yet but we are working on with it.
If you and your house need channel again, just poke admin in TS3 and we will make it for you.
Everyone is welcome to use it like before!

Hande, Old Angry Developer.

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  Client Release 0.4.5 'Home Improvements' Hotfix
Posted by: Hypernoma - 05-09-2012, 09:28 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (25)

Howdy guys,

There were a few wee issues with the last patch so we have put together a hotfix which you can get here.

The hotfix is pretty easy to install, download it and copy the files into NordInvasion and click yes to overwrite or merge folders. If you fail this simple task, stay in school!

If you fail at the above STEP, re-evaluate your life and then you have to download the full patch again here. You only have to download full patch if you are a failure at copy and paste!

The fix looks at some item stats, troops etc and also introduces a new cade which should be slightly easier on the fps. We're still trying to iron out the kinks with cades so hopefully this will see an improvement!

The NI Family

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  Client Release 0.4.5 'Home Improvements'
Posted by: Hypernoma - 02-09-2012, 10:23 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (74)

Greetings communiteh! We come in peace! Well, we don't, but we are bringing you another patch. The worker monkeys have been hard at work and have managed to spice things up a little!

  • New Main Picture courtesy of YunYun
  • House Crafting to be introduced over the next few days
  • New Crosshair for ranged weapons
  • New Expanded Horizons for maps. Have a look around and see what you see  :o
  • New Scene Props
  • New Tier 4 Short Heavy Barricade for engineers!
  • New Repeater Crossbow,  HIDE!
  • Massive weapons rebalance, specifically in this patch blunt weapons
  • Dragon breath and Twig of Yggdrasil no longer invisible in melee mode (Pending itemkinds hotfix)
  • Explosive barrel should work on all maps!
  • Some new weapons shall be appearing on the battlefield
  • New Normal Barricade model
  • New Healing prop, So much Blood !!
  • New Ammo Refill prop
  • New Forage prop, Start searching !!
  • Own map slot for Tournament map
  • Clean Esc menu
  • Clean Admin panel, No more Abuse!!
  • New weapons for Normal mode troops. Watch out!!
  • New donator enemies
  • Moar rangers!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to fill you guys in on what is happening in regards to the future of NI. The NI bank account is rather dry once more so as always, we would appreciate any and all donations. We will also be moving all the servers in the next month or so. Hopefully we can cut about a third of our monthly costs if this is all works so fingers crossed. We will of course let you guys know exactly when the move will be occurring once we work that out! The same number of servers will exist and there should be no changes to anyone's ping. We appreciate some players will be annoyed when the move comes, but trust me, it's a far bigger headache for us than it is for you Tongue For my fun maths fact of the month, if every player that was online yesterday donated 1 euro, we would have enough to run NI for over 3 months (at our current expenditure). In short, if you enjoy NI, please help us alleviate the financial headache that is server costs!

It is with sadness that we report that Clickeverywhere has realised he has a real life and he should do something about it. Madness... Please therefore address all American game concerns to Sparhawk who will be attempting to fill Click's outrageously-sized shoes. I know he will love to read through your pm's and assist you in every way he possibly can.

As always, please join us on TS or IRC for some shiggles. If you're bored at school or work then jump on IRC and waste time with us. Hande can always find a nasty picture or two to have your school or company's IT department paying you a visit to liven up your day! Feel free to 'like' us on facebook too as we may begin to have little surprises on there...  :o

Get the new patch here!

Edit: Hotfix: Here

The NI Family

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  Scene Contest II
Posted by: Hande - 21-08-2012, 01:10 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (87)

Hoy Hoy!

It is time for Scene Contest II !!
Last time we had some drama about winner, so maybe this time we don't have any retards with us.

Idea for this Scene Contest is same as last time:

(05-02-2012, 04:17 PM)Hande link Wrote: Idea of this contest is very simple, make scene in two weeks and then we will test it in public.
For reward we will allow you to choose one legendary weapon from list that we show to you.
You have time to submit your map till 4.9.2012.
You also have permission to have one test round for your map. Day and Time for it comes in later, but before public test ofcourse.
When your map is ready, send map file and scene code to me. (Private Message)

Quote:We have results:

1. Displeased_Peasant  (Maptest1)
2. Perception (Swadian Village)
3. Senni  (Port Assault)
4. PA_GeNf  (maptest3)
5. Yuri (Mountain Pass) (Outdated map :/ )
6. Jarold  (maptest2)

Winner will be rewarded with legendary weapon tomorrow and map to mod for next patch.

Judges: Hande, MrGuarnere, Sparhawk, The_Irish_Eagle, Ragnash, Kip.

Public Testing Day: 19.9.2012
Public Testing Time: 20:00 BST
Public Testing Server Name: NI_Scene_Contest
Public Testing Server Password: scenecontest2012

Important Rules:
- You can submit only one map.
- your map need to have mod support items that reads in this post
- Map needs to be glitch & bug free.
- No arabic theme.
- No small rooms & easy grinding places.
- No screenshot leaks to public.
- There will be only 10 minutes of testing time for each map.
- You can have only one private test for your map. You need to do it alone in server.
- Name your map when you are sending it.

[i]Happy Sceneing!!

Hande, Angry Developer.

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