Scene Contest, Reward for best map!
Posted by: Hande - 05-02-2012, 04:17 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (82)

It is time for see if there are some good scene makers along us.
Idea of this contest is very simple, make scene in two weeks and then we will test it in public.
For reward we will allow you to choose one legendary weapon from list that we show to you.
Me, Hyper & MrGuarnere will decide who will have best map so make it to be nice and good !  Wink

Few important rules:
- You can submit only one map.
- Map need to have all these stuffs what reads in this post:
- Map need to be glitch & bug free.
- No arabic theme.
- No small rooms & easy grinding places.
- No screenshots from map in public.
- There will be only 10 minutes of testing time for each map.

When you think your map is done, send it to me as PM with map file and scene code.
Time starts now and ends at 19.2.2012 !!!
Public test/judging day will be 20.2.2012. ( Time will come later )
Small update: There can now be one private testing for your map to test AI meshes.

Contest Results:

    _666_,  10 points.
    YuriTheRed,  9 points
    Birdtalon, Senni, Freddex,  7 points
    Dropsdawn, 6 points
    Leglonglas, Reinhardt, 5 points

Thanks for everyone who submitted map for contest! Also thanks for players who came to test them!
So, YuriTheRed is the new winner. Congratulations, you will be rewarded with legendary weapon soon !

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  Database troubles, rollbacks and setbacks
Posted by: Conqueror_Worm - 01-02-2012, 05:58 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (20)

As you all know we suffered a major setback with the recent roll back. Our players unfortunately lost some progress from the last few days, something we are terribly sorry for, but it was unavoidable due to the circumstances.

We also lost hours and hours worth of database work because of this rollback that we had to redo. Since we couldn't take down the entire site this time and we wanted to be more thorough when we did it, we had to take down the marketplace for a while. This was to be totally sure something like this wouldn't happen to the economy again.

After a lot of work, we have done it all again and changed the database a bit. The Marketplace is now fully functional and we have made sure something like this cannot happen in the future. This is the first time we have ever had to rollback to a older backup and will hopefully be the last, unfortunately things like these happen when we are in testing phases like this and stuff has to be changed.

We sincerely apologize to our playerbase and thank you for your patience during this. We also want to say to our newer players that as mentioned, this has never happened before, and you shouldn't be afraid of constantly losing all progress. Our database is very stable and now even more so.


As you all noticed this also erased most of our work on new quests as well as changes to crafting. Unfortunately that set us back more on bringing you the promised new craftables and other goodies, but this is our main focus from now and we hope to bring you lots of cool stuff in the coming days!

I also want to mention we have brought on someone to help us out with the workload, so we now have another member on the dev team, Hypernoma - The Mad Scotsman!


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  Rollback Incoming
Posted by: Jez - 30-01-2012, 07:49 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (120)

The rollback has been completed. Normal play should now resume.

Had an issue with the database stuff today, will be restoring a backup / character rollback sometime in the next 24/48 hours

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  Client Release 0.3.2 - Fashionable Fighting
Posted by: Conqueror_Worm - 29-01-2012, 11:09 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (44)

  • After some hard work from our team we are again proud to present another patch. Quite a few changes this time around, so I'll just get right to the changelog.
    • Huge armor re-balance!
    • A lot of armors have had their stats adjusted and have been moved around between the different class tiers. This will hopefully make the different classes stand more apart in the fashion department. Every tier you unlock new armor the armors have been given flat stats as well, so you can freely choose between different looks without taking a hit to stats!
    • Archers have had their overall armor values decreased and Cavalry has been put in the middle of Infantry and Archers armor wise.
    • Archers have received small damage boost on arrows for every class tier. And quite a decent damage boost at the Sniper tier.
    • Horses now have lower speed and maneuver across the board. Heavy horses has gained some armor and hitpoints. All lances have received damage boosts.
    • Commando tier shields have received a significant armor and hitpoint boost to withstand hardmode better.
    • More crafting!!!
    • As some of you might have noticed some strange and foreign crafting blueprints have started to show up over the last few days. With this patch we are adding a large amount of new items that will be made available over the coming days as craftables for every crafting profession.
    • Hardmode now drops materials you can only get your hands on there and are required for even better items then has ever before been crafted in all Swadia!
    • Old blueprints have been re-balanced to be more useful and will over the coming days have their requirements reduced to make them available for newer players.
    • New materials available in the goods section of the market place
    • New quests
    • You might have already noticed we have put in a handful new quests lately, some specifically aimed at making the the entry into the Swadian ranks abit easier for recruits, some for the veteran soldier fighting in hardmode.
    • Keep your eyes open for more quests to come!
    • Fixes![b]
    • Hardmode as been toned down abit more.
    • All weapons not giving experience and gold rewards should now be fixed.
    • Ammo Boxes for Tinkerer are back again
    • [b]New map!!!
    • New stunning map by Freddex, Old Lake town!

    As always download can be found here.


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  Client Release 0.3.1 - Weaken The Opposition
Posted by: Conqueror_Worm - 19-01-2012, 04:37 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (19)

We just released a small patch for you all. As you might remember it isn't that long from our previous patch, so this is nothing near that exciting I'm afraid.

We have mostly dealt with some horrible issues on the backend and hopefully fixed some bad memory leak problems for ourselves and all server owners out there.

Hard-Mode has also received it's first tweaking on the earlier waves to make it a bit more easy for you all, so let us know how it feels now.  Wink

As always download the latest patch from here.


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  Client Release 0.3.0 - The Nords strike back
Posted by: Jez - 15-01-2012, 10:20 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (72)

Finally after much excruciating hard work from the NordInvasion Dev team, we are proud to release our next major milestone patch, 0.3.0. This includes the fabled hard mode and many balances across the entire mod.

  • New Features
  • Added new game mode: Hardmode
    • Available to all players level 32 or higher
    • Players over level 39 will no longer get loot in Normal mode
    • Three entirely new troop trees to fight against including the power of the Norse Gods
    • New Legendaries which can only be found in HardMode
    • Hardmode will only be run on official NI Servers. Any other servers running hardmode will be disconnected
  • Added new map: Swadian Outskirts by Hande
  • Added new menu and loading screens, including new music
  • Added 4 more legendary weapons
  • Changes / Fixes
  • Horses take more damage before their speed is slowed
  • Fixed deployable shields
  • Double arrow/bolt/throwing weapon ammo quantity and removed them from support slot
  • Raised level cap to 52

As always you can find the client download here

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  New Years event and stresstest
Posted by: Conqueror_Worm - 02-01-2012, 01:35 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (26)

Greetings Swadians.

To check out the new database optimization and what it can handle, as well as test how much load our biggest servers can take, we have decided on hosting a event of sorts.

So today at around 16:00 to 17:00 GMT we will be putting up a 64 man EU server for some large battle goodness! We hope as many of you as possible will join in on the fun and slay some Nords with us.

Unfortunately to get this running EU5-10 will be shut down while the large server is running, thanks for having patience with us on this. And if the server allows it there might be more medium to large servers, no promises there though Wink


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  Client Release 0.2.9 - Happy New Year!
Posted by: Jez - 02-01-2012, 03:55 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (55)

To bring in the new year, we are releasing our biggest patch yet, including the first reveal of the support classes. The full changelog is listed below:

  • New Features
  • New Map: Swadian City - by Hande
  • New Map: Jeldan Citadel  - by Temuzu
  • Added first 2 support classes - Nurse and Tinkerer
  • Added small medic box, and small ammo crate items (both craftable by Alchemists)
  • Changes / Fixes
  • Horses now significantly slow down after taking damage
  • Added Horse Troughs to every map as a free way to heal horses
  • Added a remade version of Mountain Pass - By Hande
  • Removed collision meshes from skeletons
  • Christmas Hats no longer drop
  • Lots of backend optimisations to hopefully speed things up/decrease load
  • Bodkin Arrows received +1 damage
  • Weapon/Item slots are now locked in game, you have to use website to control them
  • Assassins spawn less of them and they are weaker. Plus various other nerfs
  • Higher waves (16+) have been made harder with more random troops

As always, you can download the latest version here

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