Community Update - Jan 2021
Posted by: Naozumi - 17-01-2021, 07:58 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (6)

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you know how NordInvasion is going as we roll into 2021.

Firstly, I'd like to make a personal thank you to everyone who has donated in 2020 and in the past few days of 2021. You guys really are the MVPs in helping keep NI alive. If anyone else would like to help keep NI alive, please check out Due to issues with donations and server use, we chose to drop the US based servers mid-2020. In addition, we have seen the AU servers and CN servers shutdown due to lack of funds at the end of 2020 and start of 2021. The AU Servers can be restored by checking the donation page (they use a direct-donation system). For discussions related to the CN Servers, see the usual WeChat/QQ Chat channels.

Whilst the news does not sound very great, I'd like to point out the drop of the NA Servers does not appear to have affected player numbers. We actually did not post about the drop of the servers due to their low usage anyway and have had almost no comments about the servers from players. Elsewhere, the AU Server regularly drops as donations are highly variable and we are aware of some changes in the situation with our CN community. The EU Servers remain up and healthy. I have no intentions to make any significant changes to the Game Server infrastructure, and again, your donations help make this possible!

We have also seen a resurgence in veteran players returning to NI and would like to extend a warm welcome to them. I know I have spoken with a number of folks on our Discord and would encourage everyone to go ahead and join in the fun. If you want to use voice, there some Discord channels available and our TeamSpeak server remains active too. For anyone wondering why we still run both, TeamSpeak technically provides higher quality audio and still has channels for houses to use. Feel free to come join us on either, or both!

Looking forward to Bannerlord, private servers remain unavailable. Without this, we are unable to make significant progress on a mod for the game. That being said, team members have been playing with the available tools creating new assets, maps, and even some Single Player mods. I've also heard from some ex-developers who have shown an interest in a Bannerlord compatible mod too. If you are also interested, then feel free to come join us on Discord. We'd also advise checking out the various documentation and resources made available by TaleWorlds and the community which has been incredibly active in modding and documenting the systems.

One other question I have received is what we would expect to have in a new version of the mod. I can confirm that very little is actually decided other than we would like to overhaul a lot of the systems in place. Once we have a better idea about what we can and can't do and as we make design decisions we will keep the community updated. Right now, however, committing to anything would risk a Cyberpunk scenario.

Anyway, this post is quickly extending beyond that "quick update" so I shall draw it to a close.

Before doing so, I'd like to publicly thank all the NI Team Members that help keep NI going - looking after the forums, responding to in game reports, and providing updates to maps, the game, and the site.

And lastly, we'd like to thank you all, the community, for helping make NI what it is! If you have any questions, then drop them below and we will try to get everything answered.


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  Legendary Upgrades - January 2021
Posted by: Kip - 02-01-2021, 05:32 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

A new year, another upgrade selection for January.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

Happy New Year!

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  Legendary Upgrades - December 2020
Posted by: Kip - 01-12-2020, 08:22 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (4)

As 2020 draws to a close, we have one more collection of upgrades for the year.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  Map Update
Posted by: Naozumi - 29-11-2020, 03:26 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (2)

Hello all,

Fresh on the back of the website updates, we have some map updates, courtesy of the mapping team!

The maps will be updated overnight when the servers restart.

Hope you are all enjoying the updates!

/Nao & the NI Mapping Team

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  Loot Logs
Posted by: Naozumi - 25-11-2020, 05:42 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (22)

Hello all,

After considerable nagging by certain members of the community, we are proud to reveal a new feature...

Recent Legendary Loot!

This new page, accessible via the "extras" menu will show you what legendary items were looted in the past seven days.

[Image: 97gcAek.png]

As a bonus, it will also show your personally looted legendaries. The record keepers indicate they believe this information will be accurate all the way back to 2014, though with so many weird and wonderful changes, rebuilds and riots over the years, they admit there may be a possibility that some info might be missing in the oldest records. Typical Swadian book keeping.

None the less, we hope that you will enjoy this new feature, and stop nagging poor Kaasovic - he has done your dirty work and deserves a rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out on that battlefield and let's see that log fill up!

/Nao & the NI Dev Team

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  Map Updates
Posted by: Naozumi - 02-11-2020, 01:10 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

Hi all,

Latest map updates are now live.



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  Legendary Upgrades - November 2020
Posted by: Kip - 01-11-2020, 06:00 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (4)

The penultimate package of premium prints for 2020 has been picked. The November upgrades are ready.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

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  Bankrupt Houses
Posted by: Naozumi - 20-10-2020, 09:51 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (4)

Hi all,

After a long and difficult conversation with the King's royal treasurer, they have agreed to allow players to reinstate bankrupt houses.

To do so, you will need to raise the house bank to a minimum of 100 gold - the cost of 1 day's taxes.

This can be done as one single donation, or multiple donations by multiple house members, however remember that taxes will still apply overnight (see below).

They have also asked us to reiterate the the following rules apply with regards to taxes:

Daily tax: 100 gold
Maximum debt before bankrupt: 1000 gold
Daily tax when bankrupt: 150 gold
Maximum debt: 15,000 gold

All house actions including house crafting, events, invites and player trading are disabled when a house is bankrupt.


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