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Full Version: Valar Morghulis [NA][Recruiting] [39+]
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Valar Morghulis

"All men must die."

Latest News & Events -



  Valar Morghulis indulges itself in recruiting new soldiers of Swadia!
We guide soldiers on the path to greatness and prosperity.
Our soldiers gather together twice a week to participate in a house event, slaying Nords and finding loot.


To keep things organized I will make everyone's Main characters Sergeants,
  and their alts will be Soldiers.





Be kind to others and offer help to those that need it. The actions of each member influence the reputation of the House. Those under the banner of the Valar Morghulis will be conferred the benefits of being in the House, but with these benefits come responsibilities. Do not act in a manner that would bring dishonor to the House. If you do something that gets you banned, even temporarily, will get you removed from the House, pending a talk with me. We really do not want VM members coming to the attention of the devs unless it is in a good way. Respect all admins and devs. With out them you wouldn't be playing this game. So treat them respectfully.

Porn is Strictly against the rules of this house.
Excessive amounts of Anime is Frowned upon.

We do not tolerate:
Acting in a manner befitting a troll


Requirements for joining:

Have tags. (VM_Name) After being accepted a full member.
Be level 39+
Have banner.
Have Teamspeak 3. (You may download it here.
Be active during NA times.
Be committed. Come to events, be on TS (teamspeak) often. Work together. (TS Address)

Click "Select to copy it. Then paste into your App.

Player name:
Character ID:
Level of Main:
Class of Main:
Do you have TS3 and a Mic:
Steam Name:


Valar Morghulis Armory:

This - is a list of our current armory. If you would like to borrow equipment, just send a message to Me or Sargent X.

Valar dohaeris- All men must serve.
good luck with the house mate


Good Luck with the house
Thanks guys!
Good luck from Clan Cameron.
Good luck with everything


Good luck guys.


Player name:wK_Suns
Character ID:2461680
Alt/s:dont want them to be in a house yet
Level of Main:45
Class of Main:Pikeman
Do you have TS3 and a Mic:yes
Accepted! Thanks for joining! Big Grin (P.S. Feel free to recruit peeps. Redshirts included.)


Aye Comrade Delion will do.